NB 6.0 performance plan

This plan reflects the need to meet goals stated Performance criteria.


Improvements in memory usage to

  • improve memory usage of visual web, UML, SOA, XML editing
  • fixing existing memory leaks - typical user workflows has to be leak free
  • improve scalability when developing visual web apps, netbeans modules

Stress test coverage to measure memory usage (footprint) during repeated edit/build/run workflow.

Editor (productivity)

We have to track and optimize

  • fast response times to common activities (editor opening, switching, navigation, typing, code completion)
  • same or better performance with richer feature set
  • system latency during usual workflow to minimizing annoying delays

UI responsiveness

To be covered with automated tests by QE according to input from all teams.


Compare IDE startup time with Eclipse and MyEclipse. Focus is to measure cold startup.

Ifwe cannot compare directly with competition we have to perform regression tests against matching setup of NetBeans 5.5 extended with appropriate pack(s).

Important use-cases

  • Out-of-the-box startup
  • JavaSE development - open project + editors
  • Startup with projects of other type opened - visual web, SOA, UML.
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