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Update Centers in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 10

NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 10 will have only two pre-configured update centers. It's not about promoting plugins by putting them on UC. The primary goal is to get testing in the field and user feedback on how the new Plugin Manager works. This is the first time we have the same bits in the installer also available on UC.

  • Standard Features
  Contains all features as available through the installer. But not the bundled runtimes. The user will be able to "grow" the IDE even if they install only a subset of the features.
  • Additional Features
  Contains some of normal old-fashion NBMs allowing to expand IDE features with additional functionality. Similar to what we put on Milestone 9 UC.
Plugin Version Bits
RCP Book Samples 0.90 org-netbeans-modules-rcpbooksamples.nbm
Mercurial Support org-netbeans-modules-mercurial_rc5may3.nbm
JMeter Integration 1.5.1 org-apache-jmeter-module.nbm, org-netbeans-modules-loadgenerator.nbm, org-netbeans-modules-profiler-loadgen.nbm
Flickr On Rails Sample 1.0 org-netbeans-samples-ruby-flickronrailssampleapp.nbm
Ruby WebLog Sample App 1.0 org-netbeans-rubyblog.nbm
Maven Integration 3.0.4 12 NBM files in mevenide-AU-SNAPSHOT.zip
GWT Support 1.3.4 org-netbeans-modules-gwt4nb.1.3.4.nbm
J2ME Wireless Toolkits 20060712.1402 J2ME-Wireless-Toolkit104_02-for-Linux.nbm, J2ME-Wireless-Toolkit104_02-for-Solaris.nbm, J2ME-Wireless-Toolkit104_02-for-Windows.nbm, J2ME-Wireless-Toolkit22-for-Windows.nbm, J2ME-Wireless-Toolkit22-for-Linux.nbm
Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 20070209.1740, 20070523.1147, 20070523.1146 Sun-Java-Wireless-Toolkit25-for-CLDC-for-Windows.nbm, Sun-Java-Wireless-Toolkit251-for-CLDC-for-Linux.nbm, Sun-Java-Wireless-Toolkit251-for-CLDC-for-Windows.nbm
JBuilder Project Importer org-netbeans-modules-projectimport-jbuilder.nbm
Eclipse Project Importer org-netbeans-modules-projectimport.nbm

Open issues

See also NB6UpdateCenters

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