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NB60 Late UI Changes

Change Justification Issuezilla Issue HIE Approved Doc Approved Expected Integration Actual Integration
Don't bring up Connect dialog for database connections where the password has been saved The common case is the user wants to quickly reconnect. We should optimize this common case and not bring up the dialog 87600 OK OK beta2
Add/modernize Java abbreviations Abbreviations have not been updated in a long time; with Tab as the default key, more and shorter abbreviations are possible; includes some very useful templates for common uses of collections; if this is the editor release of NetBeans, these provide significant productivity enhancements at low cost 116449 OK Pending Pending Pending
Merge OK/Cancel buttons into Close button in the Resolve Data Sources dialog The resulting action from clicking OK or the Cancel button is the same: closes the dialog. Having one button is more clear to users 109202 OK OK beta1 2007/07/15 (see 109202 for change)
UI changes in Visual Mobile Designer - details: MobilityNewAndNoteworthyBeta1 Removal of obsolete functionality OK OK 2007/07/12 2007/07/12
UI improvement for PropertyEditors in Visual Mobile Designer - see issue #106280 Significant usability improvement OK Beta 1 Beta 1
Change file filter name to "All Files" in the second step of wizard when adding JBoss server instance (in the dialog which appears after clicking the browse button). Currently the filter is named "JBoss Server Installations Locations". That seems to be confusing to users and inconsistent with other server plugins. 114736 OK OK Beta 2 Beta 2
Add Import of package and use FQN to Alt+Shift+I Regression against 5.5. 111899 OK OK Beta2 Beta2
Java Camel Case Navigation Option Required by HIE 101172 OK OK Beta 2 Beta 2
clarify usage of user name and password a fair number of users have misinterpreted the reason for having the user name and password fields in the registration dialog 115559 OK OK beta 2 25 Sep 2007
remove reference to platform directory from properties window the short desc of the server node includes data about the platform for the node. It is unnecessay. 102649 OK OK beta 2 4 Oct 2007
Add JavaDB and Other(JDBC) to the Ruby on Rails "New Rails Project" wizard database dropdown JDBC and JavaDB in particular is difficult to configure today because the generated database.yml doesn't spit out reasonable defaults Issue 116240 OK OK beta 2
Save database connection passwords between sessions Usability issue; customers have requested this. 87600 OK OK Beta 2
Bundle 3rd party database drivers Usability issue; ease database development by automatically registering drivers in Services. 116053 OK OK Beta 2
Change title of Helpset from 'IDE Help' to 'Help' Helpful to NetBeans Platform developers OK OK Beta 2 Beta 2
Change source level label in project customizer (sources) Source level didn't imply that it affects also -target compiler option. 116490 OK OK Beta 2 Beta 2
Add checkbox to j2seproject Properties to control dependency tracking and JAR generation Permits project build operation to be made significantly faster for very large projects. 104508 OK OK Beta 2 Beta 2
Add menu item to UML project explorer. Add checkbox to delete element from diagram dialog. We specifically want to allow editing of imported elements including deletion. We also need to provide a way for users to remove imported elements from their models. To differentiate between the two actions, we created a new action to allow users to remove imported elements from the importing project without removing them from the original project. A second checkbox was also added to the delete element from diagram dialog for the same reason. Note, we patterned the behavior after the favorites tab where users can delete files or simply remove them from their favorites. 116994 OK OK Beta 2 Pending
Ruby: For "Go To Declaration", if the jump target is ambiguous, pop up a dialog where the user can choose the jump target. This is almost identical to how "Go To Super Implementation" works for Java. This happens very frequently in Ruby since it has open classes, as well as when there is difficulty determining the type of the expression so it's matching all methods of the same name. There have been several issues filed around this. 119586 OK OK 6.0 6.0
Remove quick navigation sidebar from directory chooser on Windows Fix of a performance problem in JDK 6u3 109703 OK 6.0 6.0
Stronger indication of plugin source (certified/beta/community). Icons in the Source column are now colorful, their tooltip better reflects the source UC stability (certified/beta/community) and this information is repeated in the plugin's description area for maximum clarity. As a result of p-team discussion about default state of update centers in 6.0, it was decided that all update centers may be turned ON by default, but a few minor UI changes must be done in Plugin Manager. OK OK 6.0 6.0
correct error message the message in the dialog doesn't refer to a field on the dialog 120293 OK OK 6.0
Add class browsing functionality to 'Add xyz method' dialog in EJBs/WSs Return back functionality from 5.5 120329 OK OK 6.0 6.0
Change URL in error message There is a different URL 122472 OK OK 6.0
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