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NetBeans 6.0/6.0.1 Update Center localization

Modules to be localized

  • This l10n-kit is created according to this NB6StableModulesUC list
  • some modules are dropped by the request - libs/, visualweb/, websvc/, web/ are dropped
  • some modules outside netbeans.org are dropped, these are not included in l10n-kit

l10n-kit, status page, validation page

integration branch

  • Use release601_fixes

Daily Builds

Internal build - try to pick up usual place under http://<buildserver>/builds/netbeans/6.0.1/fixes/<date>/ml/uc2/extra/.

Test Cases

Module Test Case Notes
Maven TS_60_Maven
Eclipse importer TS_60Eclipse_ProjectImport
JBuilder importer import-jbuilder.html
NetBeans API Docs Don't need to test, just modue name is localized
Apache Ant documentation Don't need to test, just modue name is localized
JMeter profile_loadgenerator.html
JMX Getting started, Adding JMX Instrumentation to a Java Application tutorial, JConsole related support, Manager tutorial
UI Gestures Collector Try to send events, check UIs Reference http://logger.netbeans.org/
Mercurial MercurialVersionControlTestScript
Extra Ruby Just install and check option panel of Ruby
Web Server 7.0 Add Server, Deploy web app, start, stop server

See the entire test spec for 6.0 : TS_60Eclipse_ProjectImport

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