The 6.0 release has reached the final phase of its development cycle. We will fix only P1 bugs, all other bugs are deferred to later releases. release60 branch has been created. It roots at trunk 2007-11-06 00:00 UTC. The final 6.0 will be built from this branch. The trunk code line is open for post-6.0 development.

Rules for integrations into release60 branch

  1. Only P1 fixes are allowed to be integrated into release60
  2. Fixes must be integrated into trunk first, the issue in IZ should be marked as fixed, with target milestone set to Dev
  3. Attach a patch (in unified or context format, ie cvs diff -u, or cvs diff -c) against release60 to the issue in IZ.
 Describe what the patch intends to do and which areas in the IDE would be affected by the patch and therefore require re-testing
  1. Mark that issue with 60_HR_FIX keyword
  2. Send a short email to reviewers (at) netbeans.org to request review for the fix. The subject line of the message must include
 the bug number and its IZ short summary, for example "#123456: deadlock after opening a .txt file". The body of the message must
 include the URL to the issue in IZ and should contain a few lines of text to give the readers rough idea about what it's about.
  1. The owner of the bug is responsible for getting code review from at least one other developer. The reviewer must add a note to the issue
 when the fix has been reviewed and confirm that he thinks the patch is OK. Objections must be recorded in the bug report, not sent back 
 to reviewers (at) netbeans.org. 
  1. The fix must also be pre-tested by QE before integration into release60. This must be recorded in IZ.
  2. If no objections have been raised after 24 hours and the patch has been reviewed by another developer and verified by QE,
 the bug owner can integrate the fix into release60 and set the target milestone in IZ to "6.0".  Commit message must include the 
 name of the reviewer, for example "#123456: deadlock after opening a .txt file.  Fix reviewed by pnovak"
  1. QE must verify the fix again after it appears in an official release60 build and record it in IZ

Non-P1 bugs

  • All new P2 and P3 bugs must be promptly evaluated to make sure they are not show stoppers (P1). They could be fixed in the trunk
 but the fixes should not be integrated into release60


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