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ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
88933 P1 TBD anjeleevich enterprise NEW Need better, more scaleable PartnerLink visualiztion
88939 (doc) P1 TBD supernikita enterprise RESOLVED Thumbnail view to assist navigation in large proceses
89596 P1 TBD pflaska java NEW Automatic import section management
90906 (doc) P1 TBD jlahoda java NEW Various fixes and cleanups in the new java infrastructure
88682 (doc) P1 TBD dkaspar mobility NEW Planning: Finalize Visual Designer 2
102545 P1 TBD - uml NEW UML support for Mac
90522 P2 TBD rmatous core NEW Remove Advanced Options and replace them with custom panels
101033 P2 TBD jqian enterprise RESOLVED Clean up old JBI terms: "Assembly Unit" and "Application Sub Assembly"
88921 (doc) P2 TBD anjeleevich enterprise NEW Go To Declaration/Definition action for XML reference usage
90323 P2 TBD supernikita enterprise RESOLVED property alias
88714 P2 TBD jrojcek java STARTED Review the changes in java editor.
88681 P2 TBD misk mobility REOPENED End 2 End rewrite and enhancements rewrite
102138 P2 TBD lkotouc serverplugins STARTED Implement API regarding JMS
98495 P2 TBD potingwu web NEW Upgrading Struts to support 1.3.8
104483 (doc) P3 TBD jrechtacek autoupdate NEW Handle NBMs packed with Pack200 format
89483 (doc) P3 TBD mfukala j2ee NEW Enhancements in JSP/HTML editing
99628 P3 TBD tor ruby NEW JRuby on rails deployment to JavaEE server
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