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These issues are found by running this IssueZilla query. They are sorted by their target milestone, priorities, components and IDs, in this order. This page is auto-generated periodically, any manual edits will be lost.

ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
90454 P1 future potingwu visualweb NEW JSF Portlet Builder
90480 P1 future joellelam visualweb NEW Import HTML
67323 P2 future tslota extbrowser NEW Use java.awt.Desktop.browse(URI) on Mustang
111063 P2 future tzezula java NEW Support JSR 269 (annotation processors)
47498 (doc) P2 future mkleint java NEW Provide a way to directly specify source and Javadoc information for CP entries in a freeform project
49637 P2 future mkleint java NEW GUI to make properties/file refs shared vs. private
89601 P2 future jlahoda java NEW Hints and suggestions
75077 P2 future saubrecht ui NEW Review new welcome page API and layout
98373 P2 future ppisl web NEW Web Resource Refactoring
49029 P3 future jglick ant STARTED [[[50cat | [50cat]] Support creation of a new empty freeform project
84753 P3 future jqian enterprise NEW Add correlation test support
54482 (doc) P3 future abadea j2ee NEW Increase stability of j2ee apis
89480 P3 future ppisl j2ee NEW Provide support for many additional web frameworks
89482 P3 future phejl j2ee NEW Provide support for additional servers
49638 P3 future mkleint java NEW Action on j2seproject to make everything sharable and ready for command-line usage
107412 P3 future - monitor NEW Integrate ErrorHander with the HTTP monitor
91207 P3 future anebuzelsky projects NEW example project enhancements
90462 P3 future wjprakash visualweb NEW Theme editor for web UI components
93710 (doc) P3 future pzavadsky visualweb STARTED Decorations for components in the designer
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