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NetBeans 6.9 Testing Progress

Feature Owner Tests Specifications Time to execute TSs Automated Tests Solaris Mac OS Ubuntu Win XP Win Vista Win 7 JDK7 Notes
Editor Technologies
PP TS_69_Editor
10h 58 Full test
Java - java module PP TS_70_Java
7h 391 Full test
Java - compile on save PP TS_65_CompileOnSave 1h Full test
Java - formatting PP TS_65_Formatting 2h Full test
Java - java hints PP TS_70_Hints 1h Full test
Refactoring PP TS_60_Refactoring (most used),
TS_60_Refactoring2, TS_60_Refactoring3, TS_65_CallHierarchy,
12 Full test
Beans PP TS_67_Beans 2h 0 Sanity test - one platform
Javadoc PP TS_70_JavaDoc 2h 0 Sanity test - one platform
SpellCheck PP TS_70_SpellCheck 2h 0 Sanity test - one platform
Java FX
Sanity AS TS_69_JavaFX_Sanity 4h Full test
Project AS TS_69_JavaFX_Project 2h Full test
Editor AS TS_69_JavaFX_CodeCompletion,
2h Full test
Refactoring AS TS_69_JavaFX_Refactoring 2h Full test
Platforms AS TS_69_JavaFX_Platforms 1h Full test
MobileEmulator AS TS_69_JavaFX_MobileEmulator 1h Full test
Samples AS TS_69_JavaFX_Samples 1h Full test
Debugger AS TS_69_JavaFX_Debugger 1h Full test
Web project JS TS_69_WebProject 4h 8 Full test
JSP editor JS TS_60_JSPeditor 12h 60 Full Test
CSS editor JS TS_60_CSSeditor 2h 3 Full Test
HTML editor JS TS_60_HTMLeditor 5h 15 Full Test
TLD editor JS TS_60_TLDeditor 1h 1 Sanity
Web refactoring JS TS_69_WebRefactoring 5h 20 Full Test
MM TS_68_Debugger_Sanity(Sanity), TS_67_JPDAdbg, Interface , Functionality, Debugging Views, Breakpoints, Miscellanous, TS_67_ANTdbg, TS_67_MultiThreadedDebugging 16h(4h) 16 (job) Full test
PHP FZ Sanity, List of TS 16
Project PCh TS_61_Ruby 5 Stable - - - - - - Full test
Debugger PCh TS_61_RubyDebugger 3 - - - - - - Full test
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