Plan for NB 6.9 Performance improvements

This is an implementation plan for performance-related work targeted for NetBeans 6.9 release. It's based on Critical post 6.8 Topics. It covers work done by all engineering, except routine bugfixing.

Milestones below show which tasks should be finished by given date. Completed tasks have the Image:Yes.png check mark.


Dec 14

  • Image:Yes.png P2, 5dd, Jarda, Standa: Faster indication of start (splash screen)
  • Image:Yes.png P2, 10dd, Pavel: Special slowness detection for editor responsiveness: Go to Type
  • Image:Yes.png P2, Víťa: Use addRecursiveListener in parsing API

Jan 18

  • Image:Yes.png P1: Integrate Felix & OSGi effectiveness in the platform
  • Image:Yes.png P3, Jarda, Tomas M. - Does it make sense to use UseCompressedOops on 64bit? Yes!
  • Image:Yes.png P2, Pavel, Jindra: Special slowness detection for editor responsiveness: Code Completion
  • Image:Yes.png P3: Jindra: Technically functional version of HowToUseUIGesturesCollectorInYourApp ready for Geertjan
    • missing slowness detector part, but that depends mostly on improvements in profiler, so the self profiling does not require profiler cluster.
  • Image:Yes.png P3, 15dd, Jarda: Features off demand cd46271930f1

Feb 1

  • Image:Yes.png Lahváč: Issue 179459 - effective error badges for CSL & (potentially) JavaFX (was FitnessForErrorBadges)
    • Image:Yes.png Remind JavaFX team in their bug to use the new way
    • Image:Yes.png Used by PHP and Ruby
  • Image:Yes.png Jarda: Issue 177461: Do not open [Zip|Jar] files when the root FileObject is needed (Go to Type performance)
  • Image:Yes.png Jarda, Víťa: Issue 169991: Scalability for CSL languages
    • Image:Yes.png Get rid of generating ant task, use annotations instead (complete Pavel's work)
    • Image:Yes.png Check for remaining unnecessarily loaded classes

Feb 15

  • NetBeans daily build NBM repository size went down from 379MB to 243MB
  • Image:Yes.png Oleg: Make test outputs from UI perf. tests available as build artifacts on Hudson (incl. profiling snapshots of slow operations).

Mar 1

  • Don't load server classes Issue 148177
  • Vince & Dmitrij to handle Issue 179249
  • Petr to eliminate OptionalFactory classes

Mar 29

  • Image:Yes.png Oleg: Link specific test output folder (as part of build artifacts on hudson) from the test result page in dashboard (so it easy to get e.g. to the profiling snapshots for given results).

Apr 12

  • Image:Yes.png P2, 5dd, Tomas Hurka: Self-profiling working in plain platform, generating snapshots without profiler (incl. new NPS format), Issue 183556
  • How to use slowness detector and UIGesturesCollector in platform based applications
    • Shall the necessary modules be moved to platform and be branded in nb6.9 cluster?

Tasks to be planned

Tasks considered, but not yet planned; derived from the topics, with priority and resource estimate (in developer weeks).

  • P3, 5dd, Tomas Hurka: Native dumps in self-profiling snapshots
    • Start jstack --native, send info into messages.log
  • Issue 177274: Go to Type performance: Search indexes in better order (main project sooner, open projects then, then the rest)


  • P2: Refactoring improvements
  • Not, unless found necessary: Issue 26230 Reliable detection of external file changes (native file changes listening)
  • Scalability for CSL languages
  • Jarda: CSL indexers are still registered in wrong way - reported as a quality bug Issue 180262
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