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Plan for NB 6.9 Performance improvements

After little bit of brainstorming of possible Critical post 6.8 Topics we decided to create and execute following plan.


Dec 14

  • Image:Yes.png P2, 5dd, Jarda, Standa: Faster indication of start (splash screen)
  • Image:Yes.png P2, 10dd, Pavel: Slowness detector for Go to Type
  • Image:Yes.png P2, Víťa: Use addRecursiveListener in parsing API

Jan 18

  • Image:Yes.png P1: Integrate Felix & OSGi effectiveness in the platform
  • Image:Yes.png P3, Jarda, Tomas M. - Does it make sense to use UseCompressedOops on 64bit? Yes!
  • Image:Yes.png P2, Jindra: Special slowness detection for editor responsiveness: code completion (complete work done by Pavel)
  • Image:Yes.png P3: Jindra: Technically functional version of HowToUseUIGesturesCollectorInYourApp ready for Geertjan
    • missing slowness part, but that depends mostly on improvements in profiler, so the self profiling does not require profiler cluster.
  • Image:Yes.png P3, 15dd, Jarda: Features off demand cd46271930f1

Feb 1

  • Image:Yes.png Lahváč: Issue 179459 - effective error badges for CSL & (potentially) JavaFX
    • Image:Yes.png Remind JavaFX team in their bug to use the new way
  • Image:Yes.png, Jarda: Issue 177461: Do not open [Zip|Jar] files when the root FileObject is needed (Go to Type performance)
  • Image:Yes.png , Jarda, Víťa: Issue 169991: Scalability for CSL languages
    • Image:Yes.png : Get rid of generating ant task, use annotations instead (complete Pavel's work)
    • Image:Yes.png: Check for remaining unnecessarily loaded classes
    • Indexers are still registered in wrong way
  • P3, 5dd, Tomas Hurka: Native dumps in self-profiling snapshots
    • Start jstack --native, send info into messages.log
  • P2, 5dd, Tomas Hurka: Generating nps in plain platform (without profiler)

Feb 15


Mar 1

Tasks to be planned

Tasks derived from the topics, with priority and resource estimate (in developer weeks).

  • P2, 20dd?, Petr Hejl, Vince Kreamer: Fix Glassfish registration
  • Special slowness detection for editor responsiveness: Go to Type dialog
    • Split to individual bugs
  • How to use slowness detector and UIGesturesCollector in platform based applications
    • Stacktrace based .nbs files to generate them independently without rest of profiler
    • Shall the necessary modules be moved to platform and be branded in nb6.9 cluster?
  • Search indexes in better order (main project sooner, open projects then, then the rest)


  • P2: Refactoring improvements
  • P2: Unify Error Badging aka FitnessForErrorBadges
  • Not, unless found necessary: Reliable detection of external file changes
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