NetBeans 6.9 Localization Schedule

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Release L10N Schedule

Task Date(s) Owner Status Notes
1st UI Handoff - Vendors 04/20 l10n - Nicky done
NB 6.9 Beta Release 04/22 RE done ML Sun-supported & community langs released
1st UI Handoff - Community 04/27 l10n - Nicky done
NB 6.9 UI Freeze 04/28 Engineering done
1st UI Delivery - Vendors 05/14 l10n - Nicky done
1st UI Delivery - Community l10n - Nicky done integrations of partial translations
NB 6.9 Code Freeze 05/17 Engineering done
2nd UI Handoff - Vendors/Community 05/19 l10n - Nicky done Community handoff update later
L10N Integrations for RC1 05/24 l10n - Masaki done Final integrations for RC1 - Sun-supported languages + community?
NB 6.9 RC 1 Release 05/25 RE done L10n - all available translations integrated (incomplete 2nd handoff), including non-reviewed JavaFX Composer translations
L10N Integrations for RC2 05/27 l10n - Masaki done 10 pm CET time integrations; RC2 build available on 05/28 for qa testing. Community translations can go on until they are final.
2nd UI Delivery - Vendors/Community 05/27 l10n - Nicky done Reviewed delivery by vendors and integrations; community integrations of full/partial translations.
NB 6.9 RC 2 Release 06/01 RE done
L10N Final Integrations for FCS 06/02 L10n - Masaki done Final integrations for FCS - Sun-supported languages + community
FCS Build Ready 06/04 BE done FCS builds rebuilt until 06/11 including GlassFish 3.0.1
Release Docs Handoff - Vendors 06/08 l10n - Nicky done Community also translating Release Docs (5 languages) via OpenCTI.
FCS Branding + Build 06/04 Engineering/RE done
Release Docs Delivery - Vendors 06/11 l10n - Nicky Release Docs Delivery and on Staging Server for review - 06/14-15 review
Release Docs Publishing 06/15 l10n - Magda Release docs for ja, zh-cn, br-pt, ru, ar, de, es, fr published
NB 6.9 Go/No-go Vote 06/14 QE/L10N
NB 6.9 FCS Final Release 06/15 RE
Web Docs Handoff - Vendors 06/16 l10n - Nicky Possible handoff to community for web docs translations via CTI
Web Docs Delivery - Vendors 07/16-30 l10n - Nicky Staggered vendor deliveries.
Web Docs Publishing 07/01-30 l10n - Nicky Continuous publishing once translated by vendors
DVD kit preparation - English 07/15 Web team English DVD preparation.
DVD kit preparation - ML 07/30 l10n - Magda Multi-lingual DVD kit with NB 6.9 web docs

Actual Translation Schedule (Sun supported locales)

Actual Translation Schedule (Community locales)

Overview of Multilingual Release

Milestone Timeframe
NB 6.9 ML FCS NB 6.9 English FCS
L10n release docs live English release docs live
L10n web docs live Staggered release 0-60 days after English FCS
NB ML Starter Kit (DVD) Final l10n docs GO LIVE + 15 days

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