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Evaluation of bugs reported in Community Acceptance survey for NetBeans IDE 6.9

All bugs listed in the following table were selected by respondents of NetBeans 6.9 Community Acceptance survey as showstoppers. Quality Engineering department evaluated all of them prior to releasing FCS to be sure that nothing got overlooked. We thank everybody who participated in the survey.

Bug # Description Priority Area Evaluation
Issue 184893 [69cat] LowPerformance took 4808 ms. P3 Performance
Issue 180864 Make hiding toolbars in full screen configurable P3 Platform RFE, will be evaluated and possibly planned for next release.
Issue 164626 Trailing commas in Javascript Arrays P3 JavaScript It's valid P3 issue but not FCS stopper. Marked as 6.9.1_CANDIDATE to get the fix ASAP.
Issue 186321 [69cat] IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 P1 Java Fix ported into 6.9 release branch.
Issue 186452 PHP code formatter ignores "Expand Tabs to Spaces" setting P3 PHP It's not a showstopper, definitely. I am not really sure this is a valid bug. If yes, the solution doesn't look so straightforward. I'll discuss with development.
Issue 186677 [69cat][ide] IDE Freezes when changing icon sizes during project scanning. P3 Ruby
Issue 186966 Databases under Services tab inaccessible P2 Platform Was closed as WORKSFORME since reporter cannot reproduce now (as well as musilt2 and pchytil)
Issue 187116 Code indention in if/else behaves incorrectly P3 Java It would be risky fix. Indention will be rewritten in next release.
Issue 187094 rc2 hangs on open maven osgi bundle project P3 Projects Was caused by incorrect M2 installation - INVALID
Issue 168380 Not able to submit breakpoint : No executable location available P3 Debugger this is duplicate of already fixed issue
Issue 151813 javadoc build task regression - doc-files directory ignored P2 Java Should be fixed in 6.9.1
Issue 186916 XML Code Completion: Cursor not placed properly - continued P3 XML
Issue 128582 Netbeans (platform) uses swing from non EDT P3 Platform
Issue 187071 Huge performance regression compiling java module suite P2 API Support reproducible. evaluation from development needed.
Issue 187214 reports valid expression as "pointless" P3 Java
Issue 4619 Editor should allow you to view non-visible characters such as tabs, spaces, carriage returns, and EOF. P4 Editor RFE, deferred to next release
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