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|  [[TS_67_Debugger_Sanity| Debugger]]  
|  [[TS_67_Debugger_Sanity| Debugger]]  
|  Marian Mirilovic
|  Marian Mirilovic
|  201004142028
|  201004142028,201004182356

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NetBeans 6.9 Beta Testing Status

Links to Sanity Test Specifications Owner Build(s) tested Go/No Go Status
Maven/ Web Services Client/ Partner Services Jaroslav Pospisil
PHP Filip Zamboj
Ruby Petr Chytil 201004142028
Debugger Marian Mirilovic 201004142028,201004182356
C-dev Jara Uhrik
Editor/ Java/ Refactoring Peter Pis 201004142028
OSGi Tomas Musil
DB Michael Nazarov
Java EE Martin Schovanek /Michal Mocnak 201004142028
JavaScript Petr Blaha 201004142028
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS Jindrich Sedek
XML, Installer/AU Michael Nazarov
Mobility Andrei Chistiakov
JavaFX Alexandr Scherbatiy/Lukas Hasik
CnD Alexander Pepin
C/V, Platform Ivan Sidorkin
Performance Oleg Khokhlov
Server Plugins Davis Nguyen
Localization Petra Stastna

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