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Kenai Integration in NetBeans 6.8 Use Cases


  • Y - already well covered in the current UI impl.
  • P - partially covered in the current UI impl.
  • web - leave as covered on web only
  • enh - agreed to cover that in NB
  • EB - covered by Embedded Browser
  • Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif - implemented in NB6.8

A user wants to...


  1. wants to explore what is the Kenai about
    1. read some general info, see why it can help him/her EB
    2. Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif see what popular projects are on the Kenai site EB
    3. P3 NB 6.8 - see some site news, blog posts, ... enh Issue 169042 (message it's live here)
    4. single sign-on Kenai.com - EB
    5. login to Kenai, logout - Y
  2. work with not yet bookmarked projects
    1. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif (waiting for bookmarking API) P2 NB 6.8 - open/bookmark some popular Kenai project enh Issue 162607 ... means Open project dialog will contain some data (sample/popular project/s)
    2. search by name/description/owner/observer/full text in source code - P ... leave as it is right now
    3. checkout sources - Y
    4. see opened issues - Y
    5. ask questions on chatroom - Y
    6. see the information about the project (details, my role, project picture, web links, forum posts/topics, statistics-visits/downloads/issues) - EB ... to cover also already existing panels (bugzilla/jira pages) ... Ondra to investigate details
    7. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif (waiting for server API) P1 NB 6.8 - bookmark a project (get the observer role) Issue 165675
  3. see the list of projects he has already bookmarked
    1. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1 NB 6.8 - see all my (bookmarked) projects in the IDE - enh Issue 168679 ... needs to be covered -> lock the project in kenai dashboard - hide item "Close project"
    2. P2 NB 6.8 - advertise Kenai features across the IDE (navigate through projects to see what support for projects is available from the IDE) - managing project leave on manage section, enh ... add VCS/bug system into Share on Kenai wizard Issue 165532
    3. see the information about the project (details, my role, project picture, web links, forum posts/topics, statistics-visits/downloads/issues) - P
    4. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif (waiting for server API) P1 NB 6.8 - leave project (remove bookmarked flag and remove from the list of bookmarked projects) - enh ... needs to be covered Issue 169027
  4. manage project and its features from the IDE in case that he/she is the project administrator/has authorisation to do so...
    1. add(remove) Kenai users in the project (so that role can be specified) - EB
    2. create(remove) a repository for a Kenai project - EB
    3. create(remove) a issue tracker for Kenai project - EB
    4. create(delete) a chatroom - EB
    5. P3 NB 6.8 - setup notifications (for code changes, issue changes, build) - enh ... participation from kenai.com needed
  5. work with Kenai projects in NetBeans
    1. for NB project -> create new project on Kenai - Y
    2. P1 NB 6.8 - for new NB project -> add to existing Kenai project if repository already exists (Kenai.com) into this repository - enh Issue 165428
    3. P3 NB 6.8 - for new NB project -> add to existing Kenai project if repository doesn't exist -> create new repository on Kenai.com - enh Issue 169029
    4. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1 NB 6.8 - open all/some projects user has bookmarked in NetBeans - enh Issue 168679 ... distinguish between "Opened project" vs. "Bookmarked project" - principally similar issue to General/3.1 - there has to be some list of bookmarked projects
    5. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif (Kenai popup menu, badge not doable?) P2 NB 6.8 - see if the NetBeans project is a part of the Kenai project, allow navigation - enh Issue 169031 ... for sure to be covered (badge, Go To corresponding Kenai project ....)
    6. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P2 NB 6.8 - report new issue for particular NB project - enh Issue 169032 ... it's only one, so we'll copy "New Issue" into popup menu over NB project node
    7. work with SCM on NB project - Y
    8. Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P2-NB 6.8 - use Kenai services on NB project - enh ->RFE - already mentioned above ... Ondra will investigate (add Team menu to popup menu on projetc node in projects view ... as e.g for Tools menu on file)
    9. build/run/close NB project (as usually) - Y
    10. build Kenai project (locally/remotely) - remotely ... not yet supported on kenai.com (locally covered)
    11. test Kenai project (locally/remotely) - remotely ... not yet supported on kenai.com (locally covered)
    12. close Kenai project - Y


  1. get the sources for a particular Kenai project - Y
  2. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P2-NB 6.8 - see all changes that were made in the sources - enh Issue 169033 ... add possibility to invoke explicitly what's new on the project - depends on 1.3
  3. P2-NB 6.8 - write a message to person/chat that committed particular change from history page - enh Issue 169035 ... we'll cover that by presence UI
  4. share his/her changes publicly - Y
  5. fix issue by commit - Y
  6. after NB 6.8 - run build/tests on Hudson by commit - enh ... we'll cover that but not for now
  7. after NB 6.8 - leave message associated to a part of the code - enh ... (code-review) we'll cover that but not for now


  1. Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1 -NB 6.8- Team menu - create an issue for a NB/Kenai project - enh ->RFE - already mentioned above ... it's only one, so we'll copy "New Issue" into popup menu over NB project node (depends also on other changes in context menu ... potential submenu over NB project node)
  2. not planned - to have predefined "easy queries" for Kenai/NB project (Issues assigned to ME, All Opened issues against this project, Opened Issues reported by ME) - Y (not server side, limitation of kenai.com)
  3. P1 -NB 6.8- Team menu - see the result of issue query for Kenai/NB project - enh ... Ondra will decide whether part of Team submenu over NB project node or not
  4. create (=save) an own query and see results (those queries should be available from web as well) - Y
  5. open a particular issue - Y
  6. edit a particular issue (add comment, change status, attach a file, edit fields, ...) - Y
  7. covered by notifications - be notified if some issue changes it's status - enh... for sure through active notifications (covered through passive notification : foreground color of text of issue in results query page - reported)
  8. setup the notification filters ("notify me only about my issues that changed status to fixed, don't bother me with the rest") - Y already covered by passive notification
  9. click on the stack trace from report and open the correspondent file/line - Y
  10. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1-NB 6.8 - send issue link to the chatroom - enh Issue 169037... in a plan to be covered for NB 6.8 (121 chats)
  11. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1-NB 6.8 - open issue from chatroom/notification - enh Issue 169037 ... plan to open this in IDE


  1. Do the normal conversation, be notified of a new message, ... other basic chat features - Y
  2. P2-NB 6.8 Online/Offline/Invisible - Manage connection to chat from the IDE (same for notifications - I want/don't want to be notified from chatrooms I've closed) - enh Issue 165638 ... do not bother me if I don't want to be interrupted by external requests - default logged in ... persisted through IDE restarts
  3. Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P2-NB 6.8 Online/Offline/Invisible - 121 conversation - enh ... under implementation
  4. share a file - Not supported
  5. P4-NB 6.8 - add syntax-coloured source code into the message - enh Issue 169039 ... nice nice nice to have
  6. Image:yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P-NB 6.8 - navigate in sources using chat (source code anchor), ask for a "micro-code-comment" - enh ... plan to be implemented in NB 6.8 (Roman ? ... Ondra talks about other way than through annotations - as planned for NB 6.8)
  7. stack trace recognition + links to sources - Y
  8. yes_NB68KenaiIntegrationUseCases.gif P1-NB 6.8 - link to issue - enh Issue 169037
  9. link to changeset and open it as diff in the IDE (Hg) - covered by point 6

Hudson/CI (tabula rasa in Kenai context)

Issues will be reported when it is relevant

  1. Create a job for a NetBeans project that is part of the Kenai project - enh ... for sure
    1. from predefined configurations (test, build, build&publish, complete, custom) - enh ... probably yes (problematic case is test ... include libraries!)
    2. with a schedule (for periodic building) - enh ... probably yes
  2. Create a job with a given Kenai repository and custom build targets (does it make sense to support this case from the Netbeans IDE?) - nice nice to have
  3. Review and edit properties of the job (build frequency, build targets, published artifacts) - EB ... provide link directly to config page on hudson server
  4. Start a job manually - Y
  5. See the build history and statistics of builds (how many run/succeeded/failed/test passed/...) - Y ... already covered through web
  6. See changes that were made for a particular build - Y
  7. Notify users who might be responsible for the build/test failure - enh
  8. Browse the test results for a given job - enh ... just decision EB or internaly (prefered EB)
  9. Allow navigation to the failing test (to the sources, only if I have them) - enh ... for sure
  10. Allow navigation to the place where build failed (to the sources, only if I have them) - enh ... for sure
  11. Download latest build artifact (in a zip file, if there is some) - enh ... probably use EB
  12. Open Hudson in the web browser - Y
  13. See the console output for given build - Y
  14. See changes for given build - Y
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