NetBeans 6.8: Java Editor Documentation Plan



This mini doc plan is part of the umbrella NetBeans 6.8 Documentation Plan. It contains detailed descriptions and status of documentation deliverables for the NetBeans IDE 6.8 release in the following areas:

  • Java Editor in the NetBeans IDE
  • JavaGUI Editor in the NetBeans IDE

Types of deliverables

The following are informational artifacts that are planned to be created for the NetBeans 6.8 release.

  • Tutorials: new and updated, published on netbeans.org/kb/docs/java
  • Screencasts: new
  • Online help: new and updated, integrated into the build


This table lists only new tutorials to be created for the NetBeans IDE 6.8 release. The entire list of documents to be updated for Java and JavaGUI is listed in the NetBeans 6.8 Documentation Table

Title Priority New or Updated Location Planned start date Planned due date Notes
Advanced Code Editing (working title) 1 New kb/docs/javase Aug 24 TBD Replacement of Java Editing tutorial, complete rewrite
Refactoring 1 New kb/docs/javase September FCS

Outline of the Advanced Code Editing Tutorial

To be continued...


Title Location Planned start date Due date Notes

Topics Currently Covered by Documentation and Those That Need to be Covered

Topic/Task Name Where It is Covered What Is Needed Form How to Cover Notes
Start Working with the IDE Java Quick Start Tutorial (HelloWorld example) More complete beginner content is needed; a simple application is needed A tutorial consisting of several lessons (TBD)
Project setup and configuration Creating, Importing, and Configuring Java Projects New features were added in prj configuration? Update this tutorial
Deploying Java applications covered in different places
Customizing the IDE covered in different places
Importing projects Creating, Importing, and Configuring Java Projects
Editing Java Code Java Editing in NetBeans IDE Outdated. Separate simple from advanced; a sample application is needed Rewrite this tutorial, plus advanced tips as a screencast
Refactoring Not covered in NB docs, wiki Refactoring Simplified Sample application to base the tutorial on New tutorial
Testing Writing JUnit Tests Introduce test creation to basic Java tutorials? TBD
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