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NetBeans Beta Update Center for NetBeans 6.7

This document lists all beta quality plugins that will be available on NetBeans Beta Update Center when NetBeans 6.7 Beta, RC and FCS will be released. Also available is the list for the Stable Update Center and 3rd Party Update Center.

Name Description Category Owner Status
UML Platform independent UML modeling. Forward and reverse engineering for Java. UML Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
Facelets Support of Facelets framework in Web Applications development Web Petr Jiricka Live
jMaki support jMaki support for PHP, HTML, ruby and JSP Web, PHP Ludovic Champenois Live
AXIS Support AXIS web services framework integration in NetBeans Web & Java EE Milan Kuchtiak (mkuchtiak) Live
GWT4NB Support of Google Web Toolkit framework in NetBeans IDE Frameworks Tim Lebedkov (lebedkov) Live
SOA Old NetBeans SOA modules Web Sergey Lunegov Live
Automatic Projects Project type which automatically detects all configuration. Java Jesse Glick Live
Visual Web Visual Web editing with Project Woodstock components Frameworks Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
Visual Web JSF Backwards Compatibility Kit This module provides the libraries needed to create Visual Web J2EE 1.4 project Web & Java EE Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
JDBC Rowset JDBC RI Rowset Library Web & Java EE Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
JavaServer Faces 1.1.02 Library Installs the JavaServer Faces 1.1.02 Library Web & Java EE Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
Ajax Components Project Dynamic Faces Ajax Components and Samples(contrib/visualweb.samples.postrel) Web & Java EE Sergey Petrov (sergeyp) Live
Stack Trace Analyzer Easy navigation from external stack trace to source code Experimental Jan Becicka (jbecicka) Live
Code Coverage plugin Unit Tests Code Coverage Information Tools Martin Schovanek Live
WADL Designer Visual editor for the Web Application Description Language (WADL) files Web Services Lukas Jungmann (jungi) Live
GlassFish v3 Enabler Integration with GlassFish v3 server Infrastructure Petr Jiricka (pjiricka) Live
JIRA Support, EA Support for JIRA - integrated issue tracking, early access Team Tomas Pavek (tpavek) Live
Python Support for developing Python applications in NetBeans Web Petr Jiricka (pjiricka) Live
Selenium Selenium testing framework for web applications Tools Jindrich Sedek (jsedek) Live
Module Manager Individual modules management tool Developing NetBeans Jiri Rechtacek (jrechtacek) Live
Echo2 Support for the Ajax-based Echo2 web framework with Visual designer Web Jindrich Sedek (jsedek) Live
Zembly Web API Gateway Gateway for invoking popular web APIs Web & Java EE Lukas Jungmann (jungi) Live
Freeform Project Extras Tools, technical docs, templates, and samples for freeform (Ant-based) projects. Java Jesse Glick Planned
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