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These issues are found by running this IssueZilla query. They are sorted by their target milestone, priorities, components and IDs, in this order. This page is auto-generated periodically, any manual edits will be lost.

ID Doc Prio Target Owner Comp. Status Short summary
133175 (doc) P1 TBD - installer NEW Download Page Reconnect
103928 P1 TBD dcaoyuan languages STARTED Scala support
123432 (doc) P1 TBD akorostelev php VERIFIED PHP Editor
125927 P1 TBD akorostelev php VERIFIED PHP Project changes for 6.1
118953 P1 TBD mkuchtiak websvc NEW TCP/SOAP Monitor in the IDE
133504 P2 TBD dlipin autoupdate NEW Support for plugin verification against CA
123459 P2 TBD - cpplite NEW Move C/C++ options into Editor and Miscellaneous categories
123343 P2 TBD - editor NEW Global back/forward navigation
148052 P2 TBD olangr ide NEW Consolidate "Go to" actions
133178 (doc) P2 TBD - installer NEW [[[PLAN6.5 | [PLAN6.5]] Installer bootstrap w/ JRE
135125 P2 TBD psuchomel mobility NEW Custom components based on source rather than compiled binary
123452 P2 TBD ppisl php VERIFIED In some cases errors are not marked in editor
123728 P2 TBD akorostelev php NEW add new transfer protocols for project with server synchronization
123767 P2 TBD akorostelev php RESOLVED NB PHP Project enhancements
123768 P2 TBD akorostelev php NEW add LAMP, WAMP etc support
120656 P2 TBD saubrecht platform NEW [[[NIMBUS | [NIMBUS]] umbrella for issues related to Nimbus Look and Feel
123118 P2 TBD saubrecht platform NEW [[[65cat | [65cat]] DND of window groups (modes)
127395 P2 TBD dsimonek platform NEW Custom sliding bar look
126217 P2 TBD davidvc visualweb RESOLVED Disable "Design Query..." action
135278 P3 TBD dlipin autoupdate NEW Support Missing Module Resolver feature
135279 (doc) P3 TBD dlipin autoupdate NEW Promote Major Upgrade of IDE
95074 P3 TBD davidvc db VERIFIED Remove Database related settings from the Advanced options panel
140540 P3 TBD - ide NEW Display description of actions in the UI
133180 (doc) P3 TBD - installer NEW Installer support for 3rd party distros
123458 P3 TBD akorostelev php VERIFIED Pair Matching
139678 P3 TBD olangr platform NEW Make Tools menu static
151868 P3 TBD dsimonek platform NEW Remove steps pane from NetBeans wizards
151870 P3 TBD dsimonek platform NEW Shorten New File wizards
151871 P3 TBD dsimonek platform NEW Shorten New Project wizards
47290 P3 TBD rbock platform NEW Use font style & color to indicate documents modified, read only
123921 P3 TBD wjprakash visualweb NEW Add client side rendering library
123405 P3 TBD mkuchtiak websvc NEW Implement JAXWS RI changes as a result of RFEs
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