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NetBeans 6.5 Backward Compatibility Testing Report

This document contains results of backward compatibility testing that was done by several NetBeans community partners. The intention was to verify that no incompatible API changes were introduced in NetBeans 6.5 Platform.


Boeing Shared Platform by Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler from Object Computing, Inc. sent result of testing on August 22nd. He has spent some time evaluating backwards compatibility for their custom platform (Boeing Shared Platform) based on NetBeans' platform and ide clusters. He also evaluated a demo application that runs on that platform. He did this evaluation against 6.5 beta sources downloaded from bits.netbeans.org. The result was - no compatibility issues. Tom have also complains about building the NB under JDK 6. He found out that the Usage statistics is part of the Options dialog in the platform what is incorrect behavior. As Tom reports his tests covered at least a part of following APIs - Actions APIs, Auto Update Services, Compatibility APIs, Datasystems API, Dialogs API, Explorer & Property Sheet API, File System API, JavaHelp Integration, Master Filesystem, Module System API, Nodes API, Options Dialog and SPI, Progress API, Project API, Project UI, Project UI API, Settings API, Settings Options API, Tab Control, UI Utilities API, Utilities API, Window System API

Evaluation of report,

  1. no compatibility issues
  2. other complains

Alkitab Bible Study, Citra FX, Sketsa SVG Editor by Tonny Kohar

Tonny Kohar from KIYUTsent us result of testing on September 3rd. Just a brief summary here, more detailed reports are in the attached files (plain text files). Tonny tested 3 products that are build on top of Netbeans Platform RCP. The test show there are no compatibility issues. Although for Sketsa the TopComponent have placement problem (not incompabilities issues, only layout/placement), see the attached files for more details, the other two seem run as expected.

All products tested above are originally based on Netbeans 6.1 (ide9,platform8) and tested on Netbeans 6.5 (Nightly trunk 200809021401, ide10, platform9)

Evaluation of report

  1. no compatibility issues
  2. other complains
    1. placement problem - probably caused by the window layout change in 6.5 - Issue 139235

Instant JChem by Petr Zajac

Petr Zajac sent us result of testing of the Instant JChem application based on NetBeans RCP 6.0 with the NB RCP 6.5. The feedback from Petr is very positive. There were no imcompatibilities found during the testing. There were some minor problems with the change of window layout change in 6.5. Petr reported some ClassNotFound exceptions but it seems to be caused by bug in their code. However the Instant JChem still use the Nb 6.0 because there is no easy way to update whole platform with plugin manager. This seems as critical bug for JChem and should be addressed in next releases.

Evaluation of report

  1. no compatibility issues
  2. other complains
    1. change of window layout change in 6.5 - Issue 139235
    2. ClassNotFound exception on printing by using JasperReport. DevFaqModuleCCE. Petr's note - NetBeans 6.5 and later forbid ambiguous delegation. (Issue 118020) If a class could be loaded from two (or more) places, it will not be loaded at all. This does not solve your problem but it at least ensures it gets reported more reliably and with a descriptive message rather than an odd ClassCastException.
    3. It's difficult for us to switch to new NetBeans 6.5 because there is no way how to update whole platform by using NetBeans plugins manager (autoupdate). I've added few comments to AutoupdateSupportsMajorReleaseUpgrade
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