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Startup experience

  • Cold startup of full IDE faster by 20% (empty IDE)
  • Cold startup of full IDE with a project and files opened faster by 40%
  • Projects open lazily after startup, the last used and user selected projects open first
  • Editor initialization and opening does not block UI (AWT event queue)
  • Memory consumption after startup down by 37% (87MB in 6.1 vs 140MB in 6.0)
  • After startup initialization reduced by 50% (about 15s in 6.1 vs 30s in 6.0) (*)
  • Scanning java project classpath after startup faster by 40%

I/O related

  • Faster file deletion - about 50%
  • Expand a folder with 100 java files faster by 40%, on network by 50%
  • 1st code completion in java editor opening time reduced by 70%

More details in I/O improvements.

All numbers taken as average from relative improvements measured repeatedly across more platforms, rounded conservatively (e.g. 47% to 40% gain).

(*) Not counting in the up-to-date sources scanning

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