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Plan for NB 6.10 Performance improvements

This is an implementation plan for performance-related work targeted for NetBeans 6.10 release. It's based on post 6.9 performance topics and NB 6.10 performance goals. It covers work done by all engineering teams, except routine bugfixing.


Milestones below show which tasks should be finished by given date. Completed tasks have the Image:Yes.png check mark.

July 26

  • Image:Yes.png Oleg: Renewed Comparative dashboard
  • Image:Yes.png David, Oleg: Editor typing tests - existing tests fixed + new tests suitable to test the new view hierarchy

August 9

  • David, Oleg: Editor typing tests - measuring new view hierarchy (switch -J-Dorg.netbeans.editor.linewrap=true)
  • Jarda: Go to Type - prototype demonstrating desired availability and performance

August 23

  • Jarda: Statistics for people who turned off checking of external changes

September 6


Tasks to be planned

  • David's team: Java/Editor improvements, TODO plan individual tasks
  • Petr Nejedly: Native file listeners
    • first prototype
    • complete first version
  • Tomas Hurka: Permanent self-profiling
  • Martin Entlicher: Fast debugger stepping
  • All: Measuring performance of sample projects: for selected sample projects of various size measure typical performance characteristics (e.g. a subset of comparative dashboard) to give our users some reference numbers of what performance they can expect
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