NewAndNoteworthy in Milestone 9 of Mobility Pack


Mobility Pack Is Part of Standard NetBeans Build

With the new NBI installer the Mobility Pack become pat of the Standard and Full distribution of NetBeans. You don't have to download it separately.

Improved Project Configuration Management

In M9 the is an improved user interface and new SPI for plugging custom Device Databases.

Template selection for each new project configuration is now a tree structure. The tree is composed from multiple providers (ConfigurationTemplateFactories).

Any 3rd-party module can now plug in a factory providing information source of new project configurations. That factory might be for example a wrapper of some device database.

Attached project contains a sample module showing how easy is to implement a custom device database provider now.


Project Configuration Manager Improvements


Add Project Configuration Dialog now supports multiple providers in a tree.


Add More... action has been added to quickly add multiple project configurations at once.


Duplicatation of project configuration has been improved. Different dialog asking for new prefix and suffix appears when multiple project configurations are selected. New project configuration names are then derived from the selected plus prefix and suffix.


Improved Build of Multiple Project Configurations

"Build Selected" instead of "Build All" is now used.


Configuration selection dialog then appears. User selection is persistent in project private properties.


Build process does not stop when one of the project configurations build fails. It continues and fails at the end with summary message of passed and failed configurations.


Improved Screen Designer

It renders almost all components and supports in-place editing, tasks menu. The UI has been improved. Here is the screenshot:


CDC Pack 5.5 and CDC Toolkit import

  • Import the projects from Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5
  • Import projects from Sun Java Toolkit for CDC

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