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NewAndNoteworthy in Milestone 7 of Mobility Pack


CDC Pack Features Integration

All Mobility Project Features Available for CDC Developemnt

Integration of CDC features into Mobility and even direct merge of the project systems allows to share all the Mobility features for CDC development. Some of the important features that are now available even for CDC development are:

  • Preprocessor support for device fragmentation - Develop code for any number of devices with a single code base. You can also import projects from Antenna and J2ME Polish without losing your preprocessor coding.
  • Configuration Support: User-defined Abilities allow flexibility when creating configuration specific code blocks. Also, you can use project templates to create a configuration once and use it in multiple projects
  • Deployment Options: Upload your MIDlets via WebDAV, FTP and SCP from within the IDE
  • Project support, built on Apache Ant: Organize your MIDP source code and project metadata for easier coding and management. Projects also enable you to build your project outside the IDE
  • Integrated obfuscation and optimization support: Add security, improves performance and optimizes the size of your application

Note: Preprocessor is fully working for all Java sources within Mobility Project however for Matisse sources there is no editor support yet. There is temporary missing preprocessor coloring, code completion, error annotation and preprocessor contextual actions in Matisse source editor.

Sample of preprocessor usage in CDC development is on the screenshot.


CDC Platform Support

CDC Platform Support from CDC Pack was completely migrated to Mobility Pack. You can install and manage the same set of CDC platforms as in CDC Pack 5.5.


CDC Build - Run - Debug Integrated in Mobility Project

Mobility Project now supports seemless build, execution and debugging of all supported CDC platforms.


CDC Customization Integrated in Mobility Project

Mobility Project Customizer has been extended about many new panels. Most of the panels are now triggered by selected platform - so you see them only when you select appropriate platform. All the customizer pannels fully support project configurations.

Two of the new panels including "Advanced" sub-dialog are on the following screenshots.



Improvements in Mobility Project to Support Platform Independent Development

Mobility Project has been improved to better support various platforms other then CLDC/MIDP. Some of the latest improvements are listed below.

Extension of Ant Build System

Ant Build System now supports multiple sequencies of build targets. One sequence is invoked for project execution and debugging (init ... compile ... jar ... run or debug). The other sequence is invoked for project build (init ... compile ... jar ... build). This change helps to distinguish between the build steps required for execution and debugging and the build steps necessary for the final application distribution build.


Triggered Project Customizer Panels

Project customizer panels can now be displayed by state of any trigger project property (f.ex.: platform.trigger, platform.type, etc...). This feature helps to improve usability and eliminate all inappropriate customizer panels according to given project context.

Following screenshots show how two different customizer panels are switched by context of selected platform.


Extension of Deployment API

Original deployment API was designed to deploy Jar and Jad. The modification now allows to specify folder to deploy ( and wildcard pattern (deployment.patternset). This change applies to generic deployment types (like Ftp, Scp, WebDAV, etc...), all device-specific depoyment types stay untouched. For example SonyEriccson CLCD/MIDP Device Deployment plugin still deploys Jad and Jar only.

There is sample of the new script performing FTP deployment by the new API.


Redesign of Current Project Customizer Panels

Some of the customizer panels had to be redesigned to better fit the platform independent style. One of the example is on the screenshots. Jad-specific settings were move from Deployment panel to Jad/Attributes panel.



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