Mobility End 2 End UI Specification

New features in netBeans 6.0


Completely rewritten core

I rewritten code generator. The previous version used proprietary template generator. This was replaced by the Freemarker which is part of the netBeans. It simplified template development and it's more reliable for future development of End2End.

Automatic generation of Data Binding structures

So far the End2End generator supports generation of Data Binding structures. This generation is only for complex types and supports not even beans but also arrays of complex and primitive types. When user selects Data Binding generation then all complex types are generated as implementation of DataSet for complex types or IndexableDataSet for array fields. User can bind these structures directly using DataBinder.registerDataSet method.

Striking out of unsupported methods

From actual version unsupported methods by the stub generator are shown as stroked out text. User is not confused by missing methods any more.

JAX-WS support

In 6.0 version there is support only for JAX-WS services. Support for old JAX-RPC is dropped so user must use JavaEE 5 web projects to see web service referenced methods in End2End wizard.

Modular architecture

Stub compiler was designed to be modular so any development team could create its own set of Serializers/Templates/Profiles to satisfy its needs.


  • Class services
  • primitive types - all primitive type should be working
  • complex types - only Java beans are supported
  • public fields
  • private fields must have setter and getter otherwise are not shown
  • arrays - support for primitive and complex types
  • unsupported - all generic types declarations
  • Web services
  • primitive types
  • complex types as defined above
  • arrays should be supported however JAX-WS does translation from arrays to List of given type
  • unsupported - all generic types
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