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Michel Graciano has more than 9 years of experience with the Java platform, and works at Betha Sistemas as a system architect. Michel is actively involved with open source projects, such as NetBeans and genesis, and has delivered talks at JustJava, The Developer's Conference and JavaOne conferences.

His long time contributions to NetBeans started with the Portuguese translation project, continued through participation in the NetFIX and NetCAT programs, leading him to become a NetBeans Dream Team member.

He has developed a couple of plugin which provides functionality such as maintain a history of the string values copied and cuted to the IDE clipboard. This history cache can be accessed for the user, which can select the appropriated string which will be pasted in selected editor. See details at Copy and Paste History Module. Another plugin he has developed is to automatically save all the unsaved files opened in the IDE. Details about this one you can find in Autosave module page.

There is a blog too, in english and portuguese, http://www.michelgraciano.com.br/, where you can find more informations about Java ans other stuff.

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