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Maven plan for NetBeans 6.9


  • m1 2d - custom OSGi prj archetype for R4.x OSGi standard - mkleint
    • publish on apache felix maven repo?
    • fallback to publish on codehouse
  • m1 - UI for felix bundle plugin properties and for OSGi bundle metadata - dafe
    • declaration of pub/priv packages
    • declaration of shipping deps
    • maybe also runtime configuration (how the assembled app looks)
  • done m1 2d - filetemplates in IDE (e.g. for bundle activator) - mkleint
  • m1 - other OSGi bundle props via POM editor - dafe
    • top-level properties which enumerate as simple data types are handled by code-completion automatically
    • properties of object type need special handling - figure out if we want to support some for felix bundle plugin
  • what is Run action on bundle? - jtulach
  • Test action?, Debug?, Profile? - jtulach
  • m1 - 4 new archetypes into top-level Maven category in NewPrj wzrd - dafe


  • m1 - three archetypes:
    • one additional "nbm" prj archetype for modules depending on OSGi bundles - mkleint
    • done - legacy "nbm" prj archetype for modules not depending on OSGi bundles
    • done - "nbm-application" prj archetype
  • m1 - nbm-maven plugin changes (additions) - mkleint
    • manifest generation for "nbm"
    • runtime CP verification for "nbm"
    • packaging step of "nbm"
    • zip creation step of "nbm-application"
    • generation of netbeans metadata for OSGi bundles at build time
  • P1 for RE - build&publish mavenized nbm artifacts to a public maven

repo (e.g. in the case of Beta/RCx/FCS bits) with release (NOT AFTER!) - need to be resolved somehow also for dailies

  • Q to be resolved - packaging bundles inside versus as an external

dependency - to be resolved for 6.9 versus older platforms as platforms user is depending on


  • annotation processing
  • branding supp
  • various UI tweaks and additions:
    • add module dep dialog checkbox to exclude non-netbeans artifacts
  • ...
  • bugfixes...

Maven 3 support

  • in parallel with 6.9 if time allows
  • rewrite project support to use Maven 3

Code generators

  • out of scope
  • enrich "Insert Code" for pom.xml, allow generate scala support, webstart support, osgi bundles, self executable jar etc. (project code generators now exists on Kenai, need to move to nb distro along with scala when possible)

Assembly & release support

  • out of scope
  • assembly plugin support, simple creation of self-contained executable jar
  • UI for release plugin
  • webstart support

Connected developer

  • out of scope
  • integration with bugtracking UI - use bug tracking system type and URL from Maven POM
  • integration with hudson module (initial state already in 6.7) - configure hudson plugins based on maven plugin configuration -
  • more integration with CI - propagate the results of hudson builds back to the UI (test coverage, pmd, findbugs, ...)

UI - Artifact Viewer

Code coverage/quality

  • out of scope
  • allow code coverage integration to work with maven based projects
  • reuse the maven plugin (cobertura,clover,emma) configuration in the IDE
  • interaction with Sonar servers, see some hints about Sonar API


  • out of scope
  • custom UI for renaming, deleting, copying and moving Maven projects
  • webservices designer from ant projects to work in maven
  • migration support from Ant to Maven
  • global (re)definition of action mappings (e.g. run) - #162764 - important for features we don't directly support and for making global changes according to user preferences (skip test execution on Build, perform a clean before running Test etc)
  • Turns out to be more complex than anticipated. In general the decision process (what definition gets used) gets more complicated and unclear to the user. Especially for cases with IDE settings changed from one version to another.


For reference: MavenPlan68

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