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Note that committer access to is needed for releasing new version of maven-nbm-plugin and archetypes. Be sure to read and follow codehaus standards and development process, see

Releasing maven-nbm-plugin

  1. Read documentation of Maven release plugin carefully:
  2. Commit all source changes, build and test.
  3. Do dry run of release:prepare. In root folder of nbm plugin project type: mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true. Answer questions and respect the notation, typical pattern would be: X.Y for version being released, nbm-maven-plugin-X.Y for SCM tag and X.Y+1-SNAPSHOT for next development version.
  4. Review generated xmls in root project's folder, then clean to prepare for full release: mvn release:clean
  5. Read:
  6. Prepare release for real, don't forget SCM credentials: mvn -Dusername=<scm_username> -Dpassword=<scmpassword> release:prepare
  7. Perform release using mvn release:perform. This can take several tens of minutes, especially when run for the first time.


  1. You will be probably hit by "Server certificate verification failed" during svn commit, then you'll have to manually accept svn codehaus server certificate first, see for details.
  2. You will also encounter "Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors" error during WebDAV deployment, caused by missing CA (Certificate Authority) for codehaus. See for details and for solution. Note that for me only Paul Gier's advice on the bottom worked.
  3. You can run into problems in SCM tagging step - see for workaround.

Releasing archetypes

The same steps above applies, pick archetypes that needs to be released and release one by one. Pay attention to follow the naming for SCM tags and versions.

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