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Checklist for main trunk after cloning out a release at code-freeze

What needs to be done in main trunk after a release development has been moved to a separate repository after code-freeze date.

After 7.0 Name Action Item Owner Comment
done Spec. Versions Increase module spec. versions Tonda
ant -Dbranch=false increment-spec-versions
hg di
hg ci -m "Incrementing spec. versions
 in trunk after code-freeze."
hg push 
done VERSION.txt of clusters Increase cluster versions for use in native packages Tonda
 find . -path "*/release/VERSION.txt"
done Sigfile After FCS (not code-freeze) of the release, sigfiles in trunk need to be updated with info generated from the release which was just FCSed Jarda SignatureTest#At_the_time_of_release
done Javadoc nbbuild/javadoctools/export2html.xsl (change the HTML header part to talk about appropriate version and possibly say that all apis are available at the dev URL:

nbbuild/ (needs to contain proper information about the date of previous version, so in trunk version update the values of previous.version properties to match the date of creating the branch) release which was just FCSed

already DEV Branding Return branding from version specific back to "DEV" Tonda Installer topbar image, splash screens, about box image, ...etc. based on the latest version's checklist (e.g. NB68BrandingChecklist).
Import Versions File an issue in BZ to add the latest version number to the list of settings import versions and plugins import versions Tonda One bug under "ide/Import Settings"
One bug under "platform/Plugin Importer"
What's New link Update Start Page links, especially What's New which should not link to New And Noteworthy of the previous release. Tonda
License Use release license with title changed to Dev in daily builds Tonda installer/engine/src/org/netbeans/installer/product/components/netbeans-license.txt


done Download Pages Change links to previous release/milestone version at daily d/l page Yulia/Ondrej Update installer/infra/build/web/js/build_info.js with the relevant info about current release version, remove milestone link if necessary
Installer Internal version Increase installer internal version Yulia/Ondrej installer/infra/build/build.xml, search for
<set property="nb.full.version"
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