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/me in a hurry

Born in 1977, I now live in Dresden/Germany and do work as a software engineer / systems architect / "head-of-dev" in a mid-sized company providing document management services for mid-sized and large construction projects. We mainly do server-sided Java, which I have been into for more or less six years by now, asides other languages (mainly Python, Perl and Unix shell scripting). Asides that, I am "internal NetBeans enthusiast" and have established NetBeans as the tool of choice for our internal development processes used both by regular developers and students. My main field in writing here right now is NetBeansStarterDe which is kind of a "mirror" of our internal German NetBeans documentation. Used to work with Eclipse ever since 2.something until completely switching to NetBeans in early 6.0 prereleases because of the maven2 integration.

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