Responsibilities: Engineering for Database area, VisualWeb; NetBeans Database modules



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NetBeans 6.5 Tasks

Task Status
SQL yog evaluation

NetBeans 6.1 Tasks

Find Usages
Notes on Find Usages

NetBeans 6.x Tasks

Task Issue # Dependencies Status
Cache metadata of rowset 123537
Spring support 123600 JohnBaker_SpringNotes
Determine bugs to fix Open bug list
Determine other enhancements to work on Enhancements
Determine Visual Query Editor bugs to fix Open bug list

NetBeans 6.0 Tasks

Task Issue # Dependencies Status
Save image tutorial to database using JPA and Postgres
Save image tutorial to database (Postgres)
Save image tutorial to database (Oracle)
EJB 3 and Visual Web tutorial

Other tasks

Task Issue # Dependencies Status
Drag n Drop for JPA 105076
Support to generate a VWP page from Entity classes 94188

Beta 1 tasks

Task Status
beta1 bugs to fix, set target release as beta1
fix P2 bugs
decide on beta 1 P3 bugs to fix

Milestone 10 tasks

Task Issue # Dependencies Status
Datasource Naming 88871 asked Jim to help
File issue for resource reference discussions asked Jim to help
Fix dataconnectivity reference to Options 103784 asked Jim to help
Performance work (ProjectDatasourceTracker 104460 bug assigned to Jim; John made some changes; more needed - static reference to project needs fixing
Resolving Data Sources implementation 93949 John, 95% done (api review sent out)
Resolving Data Sources UI review 105212 John filed api review request
Targeted Userdir Migration 104005 John, done;
Create server specific info in project everytime 104444 John, done
Performance work (CurrentProject) 104552 John - 50% done; need to follow-up with Radim's comments
Change to createDataSource done

NB 6.0 Tasks

VWPDataSourceIntegration Planning document

Task (with link to spec) ReviewPage Priority Issue Milestone to complete Risks
DataSource Alignment VWPDataSourceIntegration (same as design page) P1 89438 Completed in Milestone 10 87600,90207,90209,90210,93159,93805,93815,98376 ; also note, DatasourceNaming and ResolveBrokenDataSourcesSpec listed in the the alignment doc are M10 and M9 tasks respectively
Rearchitect broken data sources for a project ResolveBrokenDataSourcesSpecReview P1 93949 Completed in Milestone 10 88871,90209,93210,98376
Project Migration support for migrating multiple release userdirs P1 104005 Completed in Milestone 10
Datasource naming - VWP DatasourceNamingReview P2 88871 Milestone 10 93949, 99070, 99069, 93159
Save server specific info in project, everytime P2 104444 Completed in Milestone 10
DesignTimeJNDIContextRearchitecture DesignTimeJNDIContextRearchitectureReview P1 93216 Completed in Milestone 8
Project Migration (Datasources) ProjectMigrationDatasourcesSpecReview P1 94804 Completed in M9 93216,98376 and possibly 90209,93210
Refactor visualweb getConnection to use NetBeans connections P1 98376 Completed in Milestone 9 93216


Task Milestone to complete in Issue Comments
Prevent conflicts between data sources in project and data sources in server M9 93159 Completed
Provide a method for locating DatabaseConnection's for a Datasource M9 90207 Class moved in M9 task dependency: 89439; Done for M8
API for querying the mapping of resource reference names to JNDI names M9 93815 Completed

Additional Enhancements

  • Deployment of database drivers 89439 API completed; Tomcat implementation completed; Glassfish support to be completed for M10 99610and no plans to support other application servers.


Sub-task Parent Task Status
(Connections) Migrate to use NB Connections 98376 Completed
(Project Migration)Read and parse context.xml file 94804 Completed
(Project Migration)Create connections from parsed context.xml 94804 Completed
(Project Migration)Register JDBC driver from jar files 94804 Completed


  • 6.0 branch created - vw_unstable_datasource


JohnBaker Notes

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