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Java Infrastructure Developer's guide (AKA Concepts & HowTos)



The Javac phases

Trees, Elements, Types and Tokens

Conversions between trees and elements and types...

Integration with the IDE

Getting to the javac information = writting a java infrastructure task

Registering/running tasks

The ElementHandle

The TreePathHandle

Comparing Trees and Elements

Source files vs. Class Files

Class Files vs. Signature Files

How Tos

How to setup a module which uses the Java related APIs

How do I Get into the Javac Context for a File?

How do I Get All Methods/Fields/Constructors of a Class?

How do I do modification to a source file?

How to work with TreeMaker

TreeMaker difficulties, Questions & Answers

How do I Find All Usages of a Class?

How do I get an ElementHandle if all I have is the Project and the class name?


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