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JavaFX Plugin - Web Start Specification

Document Status Initial Draft



Java Web Start provides a way to package a JavaFX application in a platform-independent way using the JNLP protocol, publish updates of the application on a web server, and enable both signed applications with unrestricted access as well as unsigned applications in a secure sandbox.

The project properties dialog let the user Enable Web Start and configure Web Start properties.

Java Web Start Customizer Panel

Java Web Start Customizer Panel


  • Enable Java Web Start checkbox will enable Java Web Start support for the project.
  • Icon is used to represent webstartable application e.g. on desktop or in a menu. Will be empty by default.
  • Codebase combobox will offer three values: Local execution, HTTP deployment. The text field under the combo box will show local file URL for the Local execution (non-editable). And for HTTP deployment it will show editable empty space for user to provide own codebase for deployment.
  • Allow Offline checkbox set if the application can be run without network connection.
  • Self-signed checkbox means that project will be signed with self-signed certificate, that is generated during the project build. Keystore is stored in nbproject/build folder, default alias is "nb-jws", storepass is "storepass" and keypass is "keypass". All other dependent jar files are signed with the same certificate as the main jar file as long as they are not already signed. If dependent jar files are already signed by different certificate then special jnlp (component) file is created for each such jar file and reference to that file is included in main jnlp file (called launch.jnlp) instead of the jar file itself. Special component files are stored along with main jnlp file.
  • Compress JARs with Pack 200 checkbox means that created JARs will be compressed with Pack 200.

Run Customizer Panel

Figure shows current customizer panel with added control for enabling execution using javaws client.

Run Customizer Panel


  • Run with Java Web Start check box will be enabled only if the project is Java Web Start enabled. By checking it selected configuration will run the project using Java Web Start client.

Default Java Web Start configuration will be created for the Java FX Project by enabling Java Web Start and will be selected for given project.

JNLP File Content

Following elements and atributes in JNLP file will be set either from UI or from project properties:

JNLP Element or attribute Value
el: jnlp, attr: spec default value 1.0+
el: jnlp, attr: codebase local dist folder under project folder or user provided string from Codebase text field
el: jnlp, attr: href link to jnlp file relative to codebase
el: title user provided string from Title text field
el: vendor user provided string from Vendor text field
el: homepage, attr: href user provided string from Homepage text field
el: description user provided string from Description text area
el: description, attr: one-line first sentence from Description text area
el: icon file provided by user in Icon text field
el: icon, attr: splash file provided by user in Splashscreen text field
el: offline-allowed will be set according to Allow Offline checkbox
el: security, subel: all-permissions will be present if user checks Sign JAR Files checkbox
el: j2se, attr: version according to Source Level set for the project
el: j2se, attr: java-vm-args according to VM args set in selected configuration
el: j2se, attr: initial-heap-size value of property jnlp.initial-heap-size set in property file
el: j2se, attr: max-heap-size value of property jnlp.max-heap-size set in property file
el: j2se, attr: href default location for downloading JRE
el: jar, attr: href jar file according to project run classpath; download=eager for all jars; main=true for application jar
el: application-desc, attr: main-class main class
el: application-desc, subel: argument extra arguments


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