JavaFX Plugin - Debugger Feature Specification


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Purpose of this specification is to describe solutions for the JavaFX Debugger that is considered as a feature of the JavaFX Plugin for the NetBeans IDE. Intended audience for the specification are developers of the JavaFX Plugin for the NetBeans IDE and, also, both communities JavaFX and NetBeans.


This specification is applicable for the JavaFX Debugger, version 1.0 that meets with the Debugger Feature Requirements.

Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

This specification completely shares all definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations from the document Debugger Feature Requirements.




Debug Views

The Debug Views are represented as a set of the Debugger Windows. Each debugger window is accessible via a corresponded menu item in the
. There are the following menu items:
  • Editor Ctrl+0
  • Debugging / Local Variables Alt+Shift+1
  • Debugging / Watches Alt+Shift+2
  • Debugging / Call Stack Alt+Shift+3
  • Debugging / Loaded Classes Alt+Shift+4
  • Debugging / Breakpoints Alt+Shift+5
  • Debugging / Sessions Alt+Shift+6
  • Debugging / Threads Alt+Shift+7
  • Debugging / Sources Alt+Shift+8

User Actions

Debugger Actions

  • Attach Debugger...
  • Debug Main Project Ctrl+F5
  • Debug File (Script) Ctrl+Shift+F5
  • Debug test for File (Script) Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Finish Debugging Session Shift+F5

Debug Actions

Control Actions of the Debugging

  • Pause
  • Continue F5
  • Step Over F8
  • Step Over Expression Shift+F8
  • Step Into F7
  • Step Out Ctrl+F7
  • Run to Cursor F4
  • Run Into Function Shift+F4
Note: Function SHOULD be used instead of the Method for the JavaFX context.
  • Stack
  • Make Callee Current Ctrl+Alt+Up
  • Make Caller Current Ctrl+Alt+Down
  • Pop Topmost Call

The Code Modification Actions

  • Apply Code Changes

The Breakpoint Control Actions

  • Toggle Line Breakpoint Ctrl+F8
  • New Breakpoint... Ctrl+Shift+F8
Note: It will be changed due to Toggle Column Breakpoint is enabled.
  • Toggle Column Breakpoint
Note: It will be added

Actions of Debug Views Control

All actions of the Debug Views Control of the Java Debugger are reused by the Debugger, including:

  • New Watch... Ctrl+Shift+F7
  • Evaluate Expression... Ctrl+F9

Debug Scenarios

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