JavaFX Plugin - Debugger Functional Specification


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}}commentbox This document partly uses recommendations of the IEEE Std 830-1998 "IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications"}}





Purpose of this specification is to describe solutions for the JavaFX Debugger that is considered as a feature of the JavaFX Plugin for the NetBeans IDE. Intended audience for the specification are developers of the JavaFX Plugin for the NetBeans IDE and, also, both communities JavaFX and NetBeans.


This specification is applicable for the JavaFX Debugger, version 1.0 that meets with the Debugger Feature Requirements.

Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

This specification completely shares all definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations from the document Debugger Feature Requirements.



Debugger should provide functionality similar to JPDA Debugger functionality but in terms of the JavaFX language. This functionality include:

  • Done in terms of Java variables
  • Mapping from Java to JavaFX variables needed.
  • {{{1}}}
  • FYI: you do not need expression parser for Local Variables - they can be retrieved via com.sun.jdi.StackFrame.visibleVariables().In case you do not need to evaluate expressions in Watches and Hints, the local variables and fields of StackFrame.thisObject() can be used to evaluate variables without the parser.
  • {{{1}}}
  • Watches
  • Hints
  • Call Stack
  • Mix of the Java and fx files


  • Breakpoints:
  • Line Breakpoints
  • Function Breakpoints
  • Doesn't work now
  • Sessions
  • List of the currently running sessions in the IDE
  • Threads



  • Extend JPDA Debugger vs Separate JavaFX Debugger
  • Overlay with JPDA Debugger
  • On F7 command started 2 instances of the debugger, because 2 ActionProviders listen for shortcut event and each starting debug ant task.
  • Debugging of the Java code inside JavaFX Application: Should support Java and JavaFX Session
  • Compiler bugs:
  • JDI and Mapping to JavaFX variables
  • TODO


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