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How to set up Windows Mobile emulator/device


Prerequisities first

Basic how-tos (to save my time) how-to-emulate-cell-phone-on-pc-using and getting-network-access-on-the-windows-mobile-emulator

How to get a file to the device

There are two possible options - shared folder and ActiveSync.

Shared folder/WMDC

First, run the emulator Start | Programs | Windows Mobile 6 SDK | Standalone Emulator Images | <Language> | WM 6.5 Professional. It will take some to boot up. Then in the emulator window go to File | Configure. Specify share folder. Whatever you add to this folder on your machine will appear in Storage Card on the device.

Active sync

Plus minus described in the how to above.


If you have set up networking as described in the how-to above, the emulator probably got an IP from your DHCP server. I use vxUtils to find the IP. Download from here vxUtil. Run the installer. The application will get installed as soon as you connect the emulator to the ActiveSync (see the howto above).

As soon as you know the IP, try to ping it. Note it may not work while you're connected to ActiveSync.

Another option is to use loopback network adapter and assign fixed IP on both your machine and device. The advantage is that the IP won't change if you connect your machine to another network, on the other hand you won't be able to test applications that access web services running on other than your machine.

Use the device emulator with JavaFX SDK/JavaME SDK

First, run the JavaFX environment on the device (just find the JavaFX icon and click on it).

In the emulator directory run emulator/bin/device-address.exe add ip <ip_address>. It it has been successful, you see JavaFXWinceDevice1 in the list of devices in NetBeans or when using
emulator -Xquery
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