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Welcome to the JavaFX Developer Center


Understand What JavaFX Can Do

Develop Expressive Content with the JavaFX Platform
\ An introduction and overview of the JavaFX platform's capabilities. This document also has links to all the download pages, including the developer bundle that includes NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and the JavaFX 1.2.1 SDK.

Guided Tour of JavaFX in NetBeans: Getting Setup and Running Samples
\ NetBeans IDE comes with ready-to-build JavaFX sample projects included. You can immediately build and run these projects to see what the sample does. In this screencast we take a look at the source code of various sample projects and learn how the features demonstrated are implemented.

Adding JavaFX Support to NetBeans IDE

How to Add the JavaFX Plugin to an Existing NetBeans Installation
\ This 10-step guide is for those who already installed NetBeans and want to add JavaFX support.

Creating JavaFX Applications in NetBeans is Easy

Getting Started with JavaFX Technology
\ Begin here by learning how to obtain, install and create a simple graphical application with JavaFX. This document makes sure you get started the right track.

Media Browser Tutorial
\ Create a dynamic media management application using JavaFX and the NetBeans IDE. After completing this tutorial, you will really understand the simplicity and elegance of building exciting graphical applications with JavaFX.

Deploy a JavaFX RIA Tutorial
\ The NetBeans IDE is the recommended tool to create, test, debug, and deploy JavaFX applications for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms. This tutorial guides you through the steps of configuring a JavaFX application for execution and deployment. It describes your options of deploying JavaFX applications as Java Web Start (JNLP), Java applet, or stand-alone applications on the desktop, in a browser, or using the JavaFX Mobile Emulator.

Docs for More In Depth Study of JavaFX

Learning the JavaFX Script Programming Language
\ Walks you through all the language constructs in JavaFX Script.

Building GUI Applications with JavaFX
\ Describes the features that are most useful when building rich graphical applications using the JavaFX Script language.

Incorporating Media Assets Into JavaFX Applications
\ This artice and screencast show you how to add media to web, mobile and other UIs using JavaFX.

Enhance Your MIDlet with JavaFX Technology
\ Demonstrates how adding JavaFX to MIDlets enables the creation of richer, more interactive user interfaces and can make it much easier to bring your content from mobile devices to the desktop, browser or TV.

JavaFX API Docs
\ Detailed description of each API in JavaFX.

JavaFX Technical Articles and Tips
\ A frequently updated list of current JavaFX articles and developer tips.

Experiments with JavaFX Script
\ A Java News Brief article by Weiqi Gao that explains the JavaFX language.

Explore the JavaFX Unified Development Model

Deploying a JavaFX Application

  • Embed a JavaFX Applet
  • Launch a JavaFX Application via Web Start
  • You can deploy JavaFX applications to the preview version of the Mobile Emulator that is included in the NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 for JavaFX 1.2.1 developer bundle. See the online help topic entitled Preparing JavaFX Applications for Deployment for more information.

Integrating Graphical Assets

Interact with the JavaFX Community

We encourage you to use our forums to get more information, and to post your thoughts and suggestions as you evaluate JavaFX 1.2.1

Additional Resources

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