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* { NetBeans Bug Reporter]
* { NetBeans Bug Reporter]
===Additional Resources===
==Additional Resources==
* [ NetBeans JavaFX Composer page]
* [ Rakesh Menon's Java and JavaFX Blog]
* [ James Weaver's JavaFX Web Log]
* [ James Weaver's JavaFX Web Log]
* [[NBCDMatrix#JavaFX| NetBeans JavaFX Community Docs]]

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Getting Started

JavaFX Documentation Home
An introduction and overview of the JavaFX platform's capabilities. This document also has links to all the download pages.

NetBeans IDE 7.1 Overview Screencast
Shows JavaFX 2.0 support in NetBeans IDE, including the location of built-in JavaFX 2.0 sample projects.

Setting Up NetBeans IDE with JavaFX 2.0
This guide is for those who already installed NetBeans and want to add JavaFX support.

Getting Started with JavaFX
The JavaFX 2.0 Getting Started tutorial.

Interact with the JavaFX Community

We encourage you to use our forums to get more information, and to post your thoughts and suggestions as you evaluate JavaFX. We also encourage you to report any bugs that you find.

Additional Resources

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