Java Editor Improvements

Note: Just an overview and ideas.


Users complaining about java code completion performace, see issue #113806.

Coding in Editor

Objective: Smoother, more responsive editor, faster all java related stuff (code completion, hints, semantic highlighting etc.)

Current state

When user stops writing, there is a timer and after that, whole source text is reparsed. Especially when edited source file is long, reparse takes significant amount of time.

Desired state

The most of the writings in editor are done in method bodies. In such case, reparsing of edited method body is enough, there is no changes in its symbols etc.

This is non-trivial task which needs detail further investigation. Tomas Zezula is interested in it and has already some prototyping stuff of incremental parsing. I do not think results will be in production quality in 6.1

Build available, please test it!

Editor Tab Switch

Objective: Make tab switching smoother even in full IDE configuration.

Current state

Switching of tabs does not scale in different IDE configurations. (Caused by listeners.)

What can be done:

  • improve listeners to run faster, some of them can be optimized. Considered improvement up to 10%, has to be measured precisely. Relatively simple, can be finished in 6.1.
  • design and use Actions API - allow either to reduce number of activatedNodes events or allow to cancel listeners code. (Could be inspired by similar things in java/source.) long term task

Java Code-Completion

Objective: In some cases, code-completion is slow.


There are specific reports about slow java code completion.

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