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Java EE planning for NetBeans 8


JavaServer Faces

See also: JSF 2.2 plans for NB 7.3.1

Generally it should be completed crucial tasks of the planning document for Java EE 7 and JavaServer Faces 2.2 which were not implemented yet.

Non-editor features:

  • nb8jsf.01: JSF Pages form Entity Classes get select box to choose templates (PF, JSF, created by users), creation of PrimeFaces templates for the CRUD scaffolding
  • nb8jsf.02: JSF Pages form Entity Classes support for Many2Many and Many2One relations
  • nb8jsf.03: JSF hints about deprecated javax.faces.bean package should be managable within the NB options + create fixing hints (to rewrite to CDI, JavaEE annotations) where possible
  • nb8jsf.04: Easel + JSF: issues #234775 and #234776
  • nb8jsf.05: Facelets Template Client wizard asks for generated parts of the Facelet issue #234204

Editor features:

  • nb8jsf.51: Navigation/hyperlink for custom components defined by @FacesComponent annotation
  • nb8jsf.52: Navigation into components defined by @FacesComponent annotation
  • nb8jsf.53: Navigation into the source of the ui:include element issue #234501
  • nb8jsf.54: Improving of the code completion for jsf: namespace - tags has to be mapped to the JSF component and its CC entries should be offered issue #232344
  • nb8jsf.55: JSF navigator entry issue #232170

Other good ideas:

Expression Language




 1. update hints[1]
 2. refactoring: extract mapped superclass [2] and embedded [3]
 3. and wizard [4]
 4. hibernate 4.x (or 5.x)
 5. jpql editor syntax coloring support, may be more enhancment in jpql editor
 6. investigate/implement case sensitive db support
 7. NoSQL? Any plans by Tonda's team?  Support EclipseLink's NoSQL extension?


1. new cdi 1.1 hints

Server plugins

  • Support for Tomcat 8
  • Support for TomEE/TomEE+/TomEE JAXRS
  • Support for JBoss WildFly
  • Support for upcoming Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3
  • Any infrastructure needed by others
  • Minor nice to have enhancements
    • TBD


Java Embedded Suite


Other tasks and features to consider

  • JBoss Forge
  • Arquillian
  • Consolidate HTTP Monitor and Network Monitor
  • JAX-RS/WebSocket client improvements
  • NoSQL/MongoDB
  • Batch API support
  • Complete j2ee.common refactoring
  • Any unfinished tasks from the NB 7.3.1 plan at
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