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Java EE planning for NetBeans 8


JavaServer Faces

See also: JSF 2.2 plans for NB 7.3.1

Generally it should be completed crucial tasks of the planning document for Java EE 7 and JavaServer Faces 2.2 which were not implemented yet.

Non-editor features:

  • nb8jsf.01: JSF Pages form Entity Classes get select box to choose templates (PF, JSF, created by users), creation of PrimeFaces templates for the CRUD scaffolding
  • nb8jsf.02: JSF Pages form Entity Classes support for Many2Many and Many2One relations
  • nb8jsf.03: JSF hints about deprecated javax.faces.bean package should be managable within the NB options + create fixing hints (to rewrite to CDI, JavaEE annotations) where possible
  • nb8jsf.04: Easel + JSF: issues #234775 and #234776
  • nb8jsf.05: Facelets Template Client wizard asks for generated parts of the Facelet issue #234204

Editor features:

  • nb8jsf.51: Navigation/hyperlink for custom components defined by @FacesComponent annotation
  • nb8jsf.52: Navigation into components defined by @FacesComponent annotation
  • nb8jsf.53: Navigation into the source of the ui:include element issue #234501
  • nb8jsf.54: Improving of the code completion for jsf: namespace - tags has to be mapped to the JSF component and its CC entries should be offered issue #232344
  • nb8jsf.55: JSF navigator entry issue #232170

Other good ideas:

Expression Language




 1. update hints[1]
 2. refactoring: extract mapped superclass [2] and embedded [3]
 3. and wizard [4]
 4. hibernate 4.x (or 5.x)
 5. jpql editor syntax coloring support, may be more enhancment in jpql editor
 6. investigate/implement case sensitive db support
 7. NoSQL? Any plans by Tonda's team?  Support EclipseLink's NoSQL extension?


1. new cdi 1.1 hints

Server plugins


Java Embedded Suite


Other tasks and features to consider

  • JBoss Forge
  • Arquillian
  • Consolidate HTTP Monitor and Network Monitor
  • JAX-RS/WebSocket client improvements
  • NoSQL/MongoDB
  • Batch API support
  • Complete j2ee.common refactoring
  • Any unfinished tasks from the NB 7.3.1 plan at
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