> Java EE i-team meeting on March 27, 8am California time, 5pm Prague time.

Attendees: Tomasz S, Marek, Libor, Erno, Ken, Stepan, Tomas M, Andrei, Martin A, 
Nitya, Peter W, Radko, Petr P, Milan, Petr J, Shreedhar, Honza H

> 1. Passdown
> 2. Engineering update
>    - Milestone 8 status

Still some showstoppers, no showstoppers in our area. Not promoted yet.

>    - Milestone 9 update

This is the JavaOne "NB 6 Preview" build, promoted on the front page. Will be used at 
the POD, NetBeans day etc. (in sessions and BOFs, everyone can use any build they like, 
of course).

Feature freeze 4/18, live on 5/4. See also:

Erno will work on scenario descriptions in Wiki, these should work with the Preview build.

>      engineering status:
>      Retouche rewrite

Progress on JSF from Entity generator, more work on editor checks/hints on the branch. 
Need to work on refactoring rewrite. Need to go through all TODO: Retouche comments.

>      Visual web alignment

JSF navigation in the build (visualweb cluster), Petr P working on refactoring with Sandip.
Rename refactoring in good shape on a branch, move started, safe delete not started, copy 
may be dropped.

>      Merged annotation model

web.xml model started, have requirements on Java/Retouche - hopefully done on a branch.

We have two branches, one for the infrastructure, one for all the models. Plan is to merge 
the infrastructure branch for M9.

Model for EJB in progress, models for web services and ear will be started soon.

>      Server infrastructure+plugins changes/datasources

ddbean_removal branch is finalized, Stepan will merge before the end of the week.

Libor integrated new datasource/MDB APIs into another branch, need to be implemented by 

>      Web Services

Will be adding web service designed into the trunk.

Working on REST support, need integration with the Web Project.

>      Matisse requirements on JPA

Erno working on a branch on the APIs for generating Entities from DB.

>      Editing/JavaScript/CSS

Marek working on the embedding of Javascript/CSS in HTML (in good shape) and JSP (started).

> 3. QE update

Many unevaluated P3 bugs.

Low test coverage.

> 4. HIE update
> 5. Docs update

Working on samples download and integration with the webstart application for opening 
samples from the web.

Problem: incompatibility of 5.5.1 beta with 5.5 in the web services area.

> Status report:
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