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==JSF Features==
==JSF Editing Features==
==JSF Editing Features==
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JSF Editing Features

Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P2 Better XML support for XHTML files The XHTML files are in fact a XML files, but the current implementation is based on html editor. The consequence is that the editor misses some XML features like check, validate xml, generate DTD etc. The code completion and error checks sometimes doesn't offer proper XML related items or the signals false errors. 178049
P2 JSF Refactoring - detailed spec. TBD
  * Composite components refactoring - rename, move, delete 
  * Message bundle refactoring
  * Client/Template refactoring
P2 Refactoring of EL usages If a managed bean class or some of it's properties/methods is renamed the referring ELs should be updated accordingly. This task requires the redesign of EL support!!! 175886
P3 Hint for adding missing library If a facelets library is mission on the classpath and there are some usages of its components in the page, there might be a hint for adding such library to classpath or, if there isn't such library, to create a new one 177179
P3 Tag pairing checks for jsf tags The jsf tags are not currently checked for being paired, such error check should be added 178130
P3 Navigator view doesn't contain JSF tags There should be either a special view for the JSF components or the jsf tags should be mixed with the plain html tags and show in the navigator tree together. 171839
P3 Navigator line doesn't contain JSF tags The navigation line should contain both plain html tags and jsf tags 171838
P3 Improve completion for composite components Not all possible construct which can be used in composite component's interface are supported and offered then in EL completion in the implementation section 171586
P3 Implicit navigation support 171321
P3 Faces config - completion for FQCN Elements whose value can be FQCN can have java codeccompletion support 171099
P3 JSF Options for error checks The error checks should be configurable so one may disable particular error checks. []
P3 Semantic completion for JSF tags Some of the jsf tag's attribute values are of well defined kinds - FQCN, true/false, URL, set of values etc. Having completion for the most used ones would be nice. []
P3 Context aware completion Some JSF tags from certain libraries are typically used inside some defined contexts (other tags). We could indentify the most common cases and make these tags more priority completion items so they would appear at the top of the completion list, maybe somehow marked as well. []
P4 Autoimport library namespace If one types a jsf tag w/o using completion we might add the library declaration to the document automatically 173533
P4 Facelets Library descriptor overriding support Very often the facelets library descriptors of various libraries doesn't properly reflect the real implementation. Then it happens that the editor support strictly depending on the descriptors flags something as missing or redundant. A UI wher user could adjust the members of a facelet library to avoid such problems would be nice. Some kind of importable persistence to userdir must be used. Maybe some exposing mechanism (AU) would also help so the corrections could be shared. []
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