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About the NetBeans IDE JDK9 Support in Development Build

NetBeans development builds (master) contains support for JDK9 EA builds https://jdk9.java.net/. Using NetBeans daily development build it is possible to set JDK9 EA buils as NetBeans IDE Java Platform.

Note. NetBeans IDE itself does not run on JDK 9 builds yet. The focus of NetBeans development builds is to let you use JDK 9 in your own applications, not to run NetBeans IDE itself on top of JDK9, at this stage of NetBeans and JDK9 development.

Getting Started

  1. The NetBeans Dev daily build runs on top of Java SE 8, you can download the latest update of Java SE 8 here. JDK 7 and older is not supported by NetBeans after NetBeans 8.1 release.
  2. Download the latest JDK 9 Early access build from JDK 9 project snapshots page.
  3. Download the NetBeans Dev daily build here.
  4. Register the latest JDK 9 Early access build as a Java Platform in NetBeans JDK9 build by means of Tools | Java Platforms | Add Platform.
  5. Once the above is done, the JDK 9 Early access build can be selected in the NetBeans Project Properties dialog > Libraries | Java Platform.

What works

NetBeans Dev daily build supports:

  • Java SE projects
  • JavaFX projects
  • NetBeans Ant project
  • Maven projects
  • Debugging
  • Profiling of JDK9 VM from NetBeans JDK9 build
  • All Editing features work
  • All other features unrelated to Java language like SCM work.

Register JDK9 as a NetBeans Java Platform. You will see something like this:


Once you have registered JDK9, you're able to specify that a project should use it:


Working with Java sources in a project targeting JDK9 is seamless, all features work, e.g., code completion:


Javac used

The NetBeans Dev daily build uses JDK 9 Javac internally. In current builds of javac, there are no limitations except it compiles only java sources with -source option 1.6 and higher. Source level 1.5 and older is not supported by JDK9 javac.

Turn OFF Compile on Save in Project properties dialog Build | Compiling in a case javac from JDK 9 Java Platform needs to be used for Build or Clean & Build actions. This is useful in case your project uses Java Platform built from latest JDK9 sources with features not available in NB internal Javac.

Bug reporting

The NetBeans JDK9 support is in early stage of development and JDK9 itself has not reached its feature complete status. Therefore, it is possible that you will encounter instabilities, while some features might not work when JDK9 is used as a Java Platform for your projects. Please provide us feedback on the build, either by using Bugzilla reports use JDK_9 keyword to mark bugs found when using JDK9 build, or by sending an e-mail to us at the nbusers@netbeans.org mailing list -- please put [JDK9] in the subject of your email.


  1. Q: Is Jigsaw https://jdk9.java.net/jigsaw/ build supported?
    1. A: Jigsaw support is not implemented in Development daily builds. It is being designed at this time as Jigsaw support will require significant changes in NetBeans Java Projects. Once NetBeans team has something to share with community we will state it here.
  2. Q: Is Java Shell http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/222 supported
    1. A: Not at the moment
  3. Q: Are Variable Handles http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/193 supported
    1. A: Not yet.
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