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Issuezilla Toolbar

This Greasemonkey script adds a floating toolbar to an issuezilla page that allows you to:

  • see attached images directly among the comments
  • add attachments with Drag-and-Drop


How To Install the Toolbar

1. Get Firefox
2. Install Greasemonkey
3. Install this script (click on the link and hit Install button)
4. Go to Issuezilla and enjoy the toolbar!

NetBeans Project

You may download the Issuezilla Toolbar also as a NetBeans project: It contains a javascript file with the toolbar (issuezillaToolbar_IssuezillaToolbar.user.js), a script test bench (toolbarDesign.html) and Java source code for the DnD applet.
The project can be built with standard build target. Build.xml is slightly modified (it copies over Apache HTTPClient to the applet jar).

Note: After building the project, you need to create a signed jar with ./signed/signApplet.bat. The Greasemonkey script downloads the applet from this Wiki page.


  • Toolbar should not disappear when Show Attachments is pressed.
  • Proxy settings should be taken from the platform, perhaps it should be also configurable (the greasemonkey script could store the settings in a cookie on the desktop). Now it's hardcoded in at 68.
  • Quality of the code of the applet might be improved - from Proof of Concept to "production"; e.g. system.out, connection timeout, exceptions/errors handling
  • Workflow change: "Add DnD" button will add a big panel to the list of comments/attachments - with a text field for description prefilled and an area for drop target or paste from clipboard. The dropped or pasted image (if it is an image) will be shown immediately. Submit may be done automatically or on a button press. User will be able to type in comments for the submitted attachment directly under this area - into the "new comments" entry text area.
  • Enhance the applet so that images can be pasted into the area.
  • After submission a label with "attachment submitted" could be added to the IZ HTML page.
  • Add the sign task to build.xml (so it does not need to be done manually outside of the build process). Also add a more reasonable what?.
  • Sign the applet with a proper certificate.
  • Fix the project settings so that the HTTPClient does not need to be copied explicitly (fix the library settings).
  • Enable on /nonav/issues/* as well as /issues/*.
  • Maybe look for enormous comments (pasted log files etc.) and put them into a <textarea> with a scrollbar so that other comments are not lost.
  • Toolbar painted incorrectly when minimum font size set for Firefox.
  • When there is a horizontal scrollbar an infinite redisplay loop can be caused by the toolbar.
  • Would much prefer "lightweight" mode: do not display any weird floating applet; if and when an attachment exists which is of image type (or whatever types are supported), add a small button alongside it labelled "Display".


Comments, contributions welcomed!

-Jiri Kopsa, Josef Holy

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