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A lot of people read what you wrote.

Try to help others by obeying next simple rules (not obeying them makes issues solving difficult and people may tend to not deal with your issues):

One problem - One issue Please submit one issue per problem. Different problems are most likely to be handled by different people. It's difficult to handle this issue for all involved parties.
Provide a meaningful summary The summary of issue is very important : easy recognize the issue
easy to find (duplicates)
judge an importance of issue
Please avoid summaries : "NetBeans is useless" or "It doesn't work", these force people to waste time to browse the issue, instead of to see what it is about.
Provide a detailed description The description should include the following information:
the build number
JDK version
observed behavior
expected behavior
steps to reproduce
any other information potentially related to the issue
Provide steps to reproduce Please start to describe problem by start of the IDE, creation of project, opening editor or so..., if it's possible:
-start IDE
-create Java Application
-create Java Main class
-from main menu invoke Tools > Options
=> the Options dialog is broken (see attached screenshot) and exception rises (see attached stack trace)
You can save your time as well as ours and it will lead to fast solution.
Use Attachments Don't paste large files into the description !
copy the exception stack-trace into a file, then attach this file
copy the thread-dump into a file, then attach this file
attach the ${netbeans.userdir}/var/log/messages.log file
if you have test case, or broken file, attach these files
It's really hard to read 3 pages of description.

If you have a little time, it's a good idea to read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

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