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==Issuezilla Cleaning==
==Issuezilla Cleaning==

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Issuezilla Cleaning

!!!! DRAFT PROPOSAL !!!! - !!!! DRAFT PROPOSAL !!!! - !!!! DRAFT PROPOSAL !!!!

Why we need to clean up Issuezilla? Because there is a lot of old irrelevant issues applicable for releases done on 2002 or even sooner. Who uses objectbrowser at these days? The other sort of bugs are those not so old but still laying in Issuezilla untouched for several releases. E.g. there is a very high chance nobody will be able to fix bugs older than 6.0 release, especially P3 or 4/5. By closing some of these bugs we will make Issuezilla more managable for everybody, developers, quality engineers and also for users. Less bugs to check for duplicates before someone enters a new bug,.... Remember that NetBeans team is very commited to improve the quality of IDE but team cannot currently fix all open bugs in Issuezilla.

Here are some steps we plan to take to clean up the Issuezilla database.

Clean Up Steps

1. Close bugs older than NetBeans 6.0.

All P3-P5 bugs older than 6.0 will be closed as WONTFIX, except the bugs which have set some concrete Target Milestone (not Dev, future or next). But, the bugs with concrete TM will be closed if they are in "dead" module (e.g. RMI, vcsgeneric,...). There is around 1400 open P3-P4 older than 6.0. There is very low chance that someone will have a time to work on these bugs. By closing these we will clearly and honestly declare to reporters we will not fix these. People who believe the bug is still valid in 6.0 or newer can reopen such bug and provide justification. This step can be performed in Nov '09 once it is evangelized.

2. Old bugs there is nobody who can fix them

This is the follow up step which will be used after above mentioned step is complete. Close the bug and explain that impact is small and there is no time to work on this. Closed as WONTFIX. Will be done for bugs in lower priorities : P3-P5. Likely to start when NetBeans 6.8 reaches Code Freeze when a part of development team can spend time doing evaluation of many P3s,...


Nonreproducible bugs - closed immediately as WORKSFORME and state that it'll be reopened when there are steps/log/snapshot/whatever. If steps are not added in 4 weeks then bug is closed as INVALID. See also: IssueLifeCycle#section-IssueLifeCycle-IncompleteIssues - This approach is already in place and used.

4. Bugs that are actually Enhancements

Change them immediatelly after filling or during batch evaluation to ENHANCEMENT. This will be added as regular piece of bug evaluation process in daily work.

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