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# [ Google Android Documentation]
# [ Google Android Documentation]
# [ nbandroid site]
# [ nbandroid site]
# [ nbandroid/ porject hosting]
# [ nbandroid/ project hosting]

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Introducing Android Development with NetBeans

This wiki page described an old version of Android plugin and that's why I deleted the content here to avoid confussion. Read about current version at nbandroid website.

Namely look at the installation and first steps in project wiki. --Radim Kubacki on Jul 28, 2011

If you really need to access old version of this document contributed by Amit Kumar Saha you can find it in history. Current maintainers of the plugin would be curious why you do this and you can contact them using one of the means described at contacts page.


  1. Google Android Documentation
  2. nbandroid site
  3. nbandroid/ project hosting
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