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One nice thing about NetBeans 6 is that it includes Eclipse key bindings by default. This makes the transition from Eclipse a lot easier.

Unfortunately not all keyboard shortcuts are mapped properly, at first I thought the unmapped Eclipse shortcuts didn't have equivalents in NetBeans, but as I have been getting more familiar with NetBeans, I have found equivalent for most missing keyboard shortcuts.

In order to add the missing keyboard shortcuts, go to Tools-> Options, then click on "Keymap", then select "Eclipse" from the "Profile" drop down.

Without further ado, here are the missing keyboard shortcuts from the Eclipse Profile in NetBeans:

Location Shortcut Comment (Eclipse Lingo)
Edit -> Copy Ctrl+C Copy
Edit -> Cut Ctrl+X Cut
Edit -> File Members Ctrl+O Quick Outline
Edit -> Find in Projects Ctrl+H Open Search Dialog
Edit -> Go To Type Ctrl+Shift+T Open Type
Edit -> Hierarchy Ctrl+T Quick Hierarchy
Edit-> Paste Ctrl+V Paste
Edit -> Replace Ctrl+F Find/Replace
Edit-> Undo Ctrl+Z Undo
Other -> Copy Selection else line down Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Copy Lines
Other -> Copy Selection else line up Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Duplicate Lines
Other -> Insert Code Alt+Shift+S Source...
Other -> Insertion Point to Matching Brace Ctrl+Shift+P Go to Matching Bracket
Other -> Move Selection else line down Alt+Down Arrow Move Lines Down
Other -> Move Selection else line up Alt+Up Arrow Move Lines Up
Other -> Show Documentation Popup F2 Show Tooltip Description
Other -> Toggle Comment Ctrl+/ Toggle comment/uncomment current line
Refactor -> Find Usages Ctrl+Alt+H Open Call Hiererchy
Source -> Fix Code Ctrl+1 1 Quick Fix
Source -> Format Ctrl+Shift+F Format Source
Tools-> Go to File Ctrl+Shift+R Open Resource

The attached zip file can be extracted to the .netbeans/6.0/config directory to add these shortcuts to NetBeans 6, there will be a new Keymap labeled "Eclipse_Improved". Selecting this keymap will add the above shortcuts to NetBeans.

Enhanced Eclipse Keymap

The .netbeans directory should be right under your home directory (assuming a username of foo, the home directory typically is /home/foo on Unix and Unix-like systems and c:\Documents And Settings\foo on Windows systems).

#1 In order for this to work, the existing Ctrl+1 shortcut needs to be explicitly removed. It can be found under Project->Projects

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