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====Importing Ajax Components Checklist====
====Importing Ajax Components Checklist====

Current revision as of 18:27, 6 November 2009

Importing Ajax Components Checklist

To Do: Done?
Test the tutorial with NB 6.0 and the latest version of the App Server. Y/N
If there are any changes for 6.0, document them. Note especially that you might need to update snapshots (for example, any snapshot that includes the Runtime tab will need to be retaken as it has been renamed the Services tab.) Y/N
Check the to see if there is any info in there that you should incorporate into the doc. This is true for the FileUpload? tutorial. Y/N
Update the tutorial to use the NB 6.0 template. Y/N
Update the month and revision to: ???? 2007 For NB6: Revision number: V6.0-1 Y/N
Remove the vwpstamp5.5.gif Y/N
Revise "only the Sun Java System Application Server supported Java EE 5" notation. Y/N
Update the last modified date to: ?????, 2007 Y/N
If there's a link to the Getting Started tutorial, the name has changed. _As of this date, the name is undecided_ Y/N
If this is a database tutorial, note that the code for the Travel Center has changed (issue 93882) and see if it affects the tutorial Y/N
For all tutorials, check Issuezilla to see if there are any bugs that need fixing. Y/N
Update any links to the Release Notes and Installation Instructions so that they point to the uber NB Release Notes and Installation Guide Y/N
If there are significant changes to the doc, request an engineering review. Y/N
Once you have completed the updates and review, email the VWP tutorials lead to request a QE review. Y/N
Once the tutorial receives QE approval, update the dashboard to reflect that Y/N
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