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==IRC Clients==
==IRC Clients==

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IRC Clients

NetBeans has chat forums at #netbeans (for users) and #nbdev (for developers).

This page provides some recommendations for IRC clients on various platforms, and some tips on how to set the client up. Please feel free to edit if there are other clients worth recommending.

Macintosh IRC clients

For more choices, see


Popular, fully functional, very easy to use. Recommended, but it is shareware and costs $30.

Quick Start Instructions

  • Download, open disk image, move to Applications folder
  • Start it up
  • Follow the wizard.
  • Choose a nickname.
  • Favorite Network: "Freenode".
  • Favorite Server: ""
  • Room(s) to join: "#nbdev" or "#netbeans"
  • Check "Connect automatically"
  • You can pay now or register later.
  • You should be now connected to the channel, and will be auto-connected when you restart.

If you join other channels, you'll be auto-connected to them too when you restart.

If you want to chat to someone privately, select their name, and click on the little "dialog" button on the bottom right-hand corner.

Chatzilla Firefox Plugin

This is an alternative if you don't want to pay $30 for Snak. It works but doesn't behave very well on Mac, IMHO.

The Chatzilla Home Page provides useful documentation.

Quick Start Instructions

  • Install the plugin
  • Restart Firefox
  • Tools->Chatzilla

On the Mac, choose Firefox->Preferences. Rather than the standard Firefox preferences showing, you'll see the ChatZilla preferences.

On the Global Settings->General tab->Identification, set your nickname and other info (e.g. your real name).

On the Startup tab, scroll to the bottom, and add the following IRC url to the Auto-Connect URLs:




EdwinGoei uses: just "freenode" for Auto-connect URLs instead and then configures "Network freenode->Lists->Auto-perform" with the following:

  • /msg nickserv identify your-password (See optional user registration.)
  • /join #nbdev
  • /join #netbeans

See Edwin's blog entry for details.

Close Chatzilla, and then restart it. You should be automatically signed on to the #nbdev or #nbusers channel.


Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim)

This is nice because it does both IM and IRC in a single, easy-to-use package. Very popular.

No instructions yet, someone on PC or UNIX can do this.

On Windows PCs you can also use Trillian which has a free and a paid version. ( EdwinGoei uses this for Yahoo and AIM and sometimes IRC.)

KDE (Linux or others and Windows) KVIrc or various distributions.

I use KVIrc for a couple of years now. It's very easy to work with and supports all the IRC features. the network is preinstalled in the list of known networks, so just connect to it and join #netbeans or #nbdev.

Overall I like the network because it brings together many different people. Help is just in the neighboring channel;-) Join #firefox, #jruby or #kvirc, or even our friends at #eclipse for more fun or use the list command (/list in most clients ) to find other interesting groups to join.

Have fun.


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