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Using IDE when scanning

Results for testing performing editor and IDE actions while the IDE is scanning to see whether the actions are blocked.

Project setup

  • (Project #1) Project with one big source root - big free form project, all sources are in one source root, some action as debug and test were not tested, since there are not ant task for them
  • (Project #2) Project with many smaller source roots - simple J2se application, scanning is caused by opening Netbeans module.
  • (Project #3) Project with many dependencies - ?

All project need to be J2se projects, compilable and it must be possible to run them from ide in order to test run and debug actions.

Result tab

Action Project #1 Project #2 Project #3 Comment
Typing in editor OK OK
Creating new class OK OK
Invoking code completion blocked, dialog displayed blocked, dialog displayed
Go to type partial results are returned partial results are returned
Formatting OK OK
Instant rename taking longer than expected dialog blocked for a while (dialog) and the performed
Refactoring rename blocked, dialog displayed blocked, dialog displayed
Introduce method IDE blocked !!!
Run ok blocked, dialog displayed (CoS)
Run single ok blocked, dialog displayed (CoS)
Debug (not tested, free from) blocked, dialog displayed (CoS)
Test (not tested, free from) ok
Test single (not tested, free from) ok
Go to declaration taking longer than expected dialog ok
Expanding fori template OK ok
Delete file OK ok
Code folding enabled after scan is finished in J2se project ok, in the module enabled after scan finishes Issue 166668
Switch editor OK ok
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